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CIOs speak out about bandwith, malware, and file sharing

Kimberly Conley, CIO of Henderson Community College (Ky.), joins other higher ed IT leaders in discussing the tech issues of the day—and how they’re keeping their campuses running and safe.

Colleges Streamlining Their Help Desks

Campus IT support centers are ditching paper and turning to software solutions for their help desks

Students, faculty, and staff turn to campus help desks when their work has come to a standstill because technology isn’t behaving as they think it should. IT support centers at colleges and universities across the nation are ditching paper and turning to software solutions to help get frustrated users back on track more effectively and efficiently.

Harnessing IT Service Providers as Important Strategic Partners

At Schreiner University (Texas), our team has applied the transformative power of technology to achieve our identifying motto “Learning by Heart”—a personalized, integrated education that prepares our students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.

Aligning IT Management with University Priorities

It doesn’t seem so long ago that colleges and universities were largely run as academic entities, unworried about growth and profit, and doing much of their administrative paperwork by hand or with outdated computer programs. Fast forward to 2013, and we believe the polar opposite to be true. Universities are competing for increased revenues, student enrollment, and top academic prospects more now than ever before, and in order to maintain a competitive edge they must take advantage of the latest technology.

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Universities Seek to Fly Unmanned Aircrafts

Some higher education institutions in Michigan are seeking authorization to fly their own unmanned aircraft for testing and research amid a roiling national debate about U.S. military-targeted drone strikes abroad and privacy concerns at home.

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U Of Wisconsin Regents Learn Of Extra $1.1M Lost, More Human Resources Woes

The University of Wisconsin System lost an additional $1.1 million due to glitches in its new payroll and benefits system, an accountant and top UW System financial official told the Board of Regents on Thursday.

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Google Apps vs Office 365: A Tale of Two Implementations

At UBTech, Anne Scrivener Agee, vice provost for information technology at UMass Boston, will speak about her school’s experience with Office 365. Rick Matthews, CIO and associate provost of information systems and technology at Wake Forest University, will speak about his school’s implementation of Google Apps.

Abilene Christian University Mobilizes Learning with Smartphones

ACU commits to mobile, delivers advanced applications supported by an Alcatel-Lucent network infrastructure

Integrating mobile devices in learning is getting to be old hat in Abilene, Texas.

As early as 2008, Abilene Christian University (ACU) was the first university in the United States to provide each incoming student with an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Each of the nearly 4,800 students on the ACU campus located 180 miles west of Dallas can access course calendars, campus maps, receive homework alerts, security alerts, and answer in-class surveys and quizzes, among other ACUdeveloped web applications.

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Marketing the Value of IT in Higher Education

Most colleges and universities understand that IT is integral to their function; however, few administrators truly understand the value of IT.

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Washington College Instructors Are 'Flipping' The Way They Teach

In a trend called flipping the classroom, new technology tools and different approaches to learning are changing the way some college faculty teach their courses.

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