NASA picks 10 innovative space tech ideas for funding

NASA has awarded grants for 10 innovative university projects that promise to help the space agency develop the advanced technologies it needs for future long-duration manned spaceflights and research.

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The LEGO theory: Understanding where innovation (really) comes from

Although their effects aren’t immediate, LEGO bricks have led to more innovation by proxy than any other company. From this we understand that innovation does not happen overnight, but is the sum of a long series of sequential events. 

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Rutgers students use technology to improve medical test results

New technologies for improved surgical tools or systems that speed access to time-sensitive pathology reports may well come from undergraduates working side-by-side with physicians in teaching labs and operating rooms.

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Georgia Tech debuts new crowd-funding website

If you are looking for funding for an innovative research project, Georgia Tech Starter may be just the tool you need. GTS is a university-based, peer-reviewed crowd-funding platform for science and engineering research projects.

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NIU gets $2.4 million to study ‘3D printing’

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced that Northern Illinois University will receive $2.4 million to develop tools to aid in three-dimensional manufacturing.

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The next big thing for engineering students? A lab that fits in a backpack

Erin Webster is a computer engineering graduate student, University of Massachusetts Lowell. Along with Jay Weitzen, professor of electrical and computer engineering at UMass-Lowell, and technology companies Analog Devices and Digilent, she is creating a “Lab In A Box” – a new way of getting students excited about electrical and computer engineering for the 21st century.

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