Chief Steps Down At Sac State Small-Business Center

Dennis Tootelian, the California State University, Sacramento, marketing professor who directed the college's Center for Small Business for much of its history, has stepped down from the post.

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University Of Utah Taps Michigan Expert To Guide Discoveries To Market

The University of Utah has hired a Michigan State University professor of political economy to lead the office that manages the U.’s intellectual property.

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Rubber Soul: Leading Polymer Science Universities

Think about everyday gizmos like cell phones, iPods, Kindles, and Cuisinarts. We take items of convenience for granted, yet without polymer science discovery and product development research, these consumer devices would not exist.

For over a century, polymer science faculty and graduate students have explored applications of a wide range of polymer materials, including nylon, neoprene, PVC, silicone, Kevlar, and even old-fashioned natural rubber. So, we offer a guided tour of today’s leading polymer university programs.

Incubators for Economic Development

The role of regional state colleges and universities in driving new, high-impact ventures

UNIVERSITY-BASED RESEARCH is responsible for many significant and remarkable discoveries, stimulating breakthrough products and technologies that have improved quality of life and created jobs and new industries.