Health Care

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Kalamazoo Valley Community College Faculty Salaries And Healthcare Costs On The Rise

Kalamazoo Valley Community College faculty members are getting pay raises — but their healthcare costs are rising, too.

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Bridgewater State Smoking Ban Is For Everyone - No Exceptions

Bridgewater State University welcomed back 11,000 students last week to a smoke-free campus where there are stiff penalties, under the school’s fledgling policy, for those who continue to indulge.

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CU-Boulder Says It Offers More Alcohol-Education Programs Than Ever

The University of Colorado has more alcohol-education programs than ever, according to spokesman Bronson Hilliard.

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Campus Pharmacy Benefit Management Partners

Universities are often in a unique position when it comes to managing their pharmacy benefits. Those associated with medical schools, hospital, and clinics often have affiliated pharmacies and access to staff with clinical pharmacy expertise. If an institution can fully leverage these in-house capabilities, it can have a dramatic effect on its overall pharmacy benefit budget. How to best leverage these capabilities should be considered when HR administrators selects a pharmacy benefit management (PBM) partner.

Program Diagnostics

Four approaches to evaluating employee programs and benefits

Most higher ed institutions offer a wide variety of employee programs and benefits: health fairs, faculty and staff recognitions, tuition waivers, and more.

But are the programs at your institution reflective of current employee needs? And how can human resources professionals maximize the impact of these programs? Are there routine diagnostics to perform? Or does HR simply make a tweak here, a twist there, keeping the program objectives intact?

Tossing Out the Baby with the Bathwater

Today's institutional choices and their influence on tomorrow

Covering the Shadow Uninsured

What institutions can do to help ensure the health of their student bodies

ALL YEAR LONG, BUT THROUGHOUT the colder months in particular, health care needs inevitably arise. But for college students, particularly those in traditionally underserved minority groups, access to health care may be as slippery as the roads they come to school on.

Students in Need, Schools at the Ready

Substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders are ever-present problems on college and university campuses. But higher ed leaders are on the case.

Ailing College Health Programs

Cures for college-sponsored program woes

AMERICA'S COLLEGE HEALTH systems are gravely ill. Unless faculty and campus administrators address these coverage issues, students could be one disease or accident away from losing the education for which they are paying.

The Road to Excellence Passes Through Assessment

What business and the health care industry can teach higher education about assessment

TO MANY, THE TITLE <em>UNIVERSITY Business</em> is an oxymoron. The world of the university and the world of business are often perceived to be two very different cultures.