Financial Aid

Tax Break For Students Sought In Calif. Bill

As tuition steadily climbs at California's public universities, low-income students turn to financial aid for help and high-income students to the family bank account.

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DePaul University Streamlines Telefundraising and Increases Advancement Gifts with the Help of SunGard Higher Education’s SmartCall

Since DePaul University replaced its existing telefundraising software with SunGard Higher Education’s SmartCall, the University’s advancement staff is reporting improved calling efficiency and productivity with more than a 10 percent increase in donors and gifts for the school. “We needed a system that helped us be more efficient in our calling by providing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the capability to automatically email pledge reminders, and out-of-the-box integration with our VPN,” said John Swango, DePaul University associate director of technology, advancement data systems.

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AcademicWorks Releases Innovative Scholarship Software for Colleges, Universities, and Foundations

AcademicWorks enables higher education institutions, community foundations, and private foundations to efficiently match students with relevant scholarship opportunities, manage awards, and recognize scholarship donors.

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Michigan Feels Strain Of College Costs

Analysis shows tuition in state is among the nation's most expensive

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Top 10 Resource Wasters

A hit list for reducing work for students and financial aid staff

Given federal and state regulations­, especially now, there are many policies and procedures related to applying for, awarding, and disbursing aid that can’t be avoided. Still, in our travels, we often see aid offices making unnecessary extra work for themselves or students by clinging to outdated procedures or implementing policies for the entire student body because of concerns that impact only a select few. Scannell & Kurz has compiled this “hit list” of time—and money—wasting policies and procedures that should be reconsidered:

Reeher Platform Rolls Out In-Depth Year-End Performance Report to Aid Higher Education Fundraising

For leaders in higher education advancement, a standardized performance analysis is difficult to come by. Historically, colleges and universities have used different criteria to measure fundraising successes and shortcomings, making it difficult to achieve a clear picture of trends in giving and areas for improvement – especially when measuring an institution’s success relative to other institutions’ results. 

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