Financial Aid

U of Florida, Florida State U Students Could Face Big Tuition Increases

Florida's top public universities could become a lot more expensive under a legislative plan that could also erode the value of Bright Futures scholarships and potentially end the state's prepaid tuition program.

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Graduate Financing Options for 2011-2012 and Beyond

Stafford Loans

  • Subsidized Stafford loans are available based on financial need, and unsubsidized loans are available to everyone. 
  • For graduate students, the maximum annual loan limit is $20,500 (with up to $8,500 subsidized).

Piled Higher & Deeper

Graduate student debt runs out of control.

Student borrowing is going up. National Student Loan Data System data shows that cumulative borrowing per student participating in federal loan programs increased from about $3,943 in 1990 to $11,510 in 2000 and $13,856 in 2009. Much of the increase is attributed to funding for graduate education, and recent changes in federal student loan policies for graduate students will likely cause this to go higher.

U of Washington Donations Hit Record $334M

University of Washington donors have once again put the UW in the top tier of public schools that get the most private donations.

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Southern University System Foundation Gets More Than $1.3 Million In The Biggest Bequest In Its History

The Southern University System Foundation has received a gift of at least $1.3 million -- the biggest in its history -- from an estate set up by two Southern graduates. The bequest came from the James and Ruth Smith Trust. The couple met at Southern's Baton Rouge campus and were married for 44 years.

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Cedar Grove Couple Stuns NJIT With $5M Gift

A Cedar Grove couple who recently died willed $5 million to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the school’s largest gift to date from an individual, officials said Thursday.

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Fundraising Is A Priority For Martin University's New President

Martin University hopes that having a new president will bring stability to its Eastside campus and a boost to its fundraising efforts.

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U of Miami Kicks Off $1.6 Billion Campaign

Much of the money is already targeted at science facilities, the medical school, scholarships and dorms.

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College Made Accessible? More Federal Dollars Flowing To Low-Income Students

Record numbers of students in Michigan are applying for financial aid --- and college and university administrators say the benefits are easy to see.

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D.A., District Probe Alleged Improprieties At Trade-Tech College Foundation

The foundation paid fees for exclusive clubs and a $1,500-a-month car allowance for its executive director, Rhea Chung, who has been placed on leave.

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