Financial Aid

Keeping Tuition Within Reach

Moving past the traditional university structure to help students

As college acceptance letters began popping up in mailboxes across the country this year, incoming students were left once again with the daunting task of choosing the right school. While cost has always been a consideration, more students than ever before are now considering it as a key factor—not only in terms of which school to attend, but whether they go to college at all.

3 Dangerous Student Aid Myths

What higher education leaders can do to debunk them

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve seen the alarming headlines highlighting “exploding” college costs and “crushing” student loan debt. Because the media is trying to grab readers’ attention, these articles often use the most startling cases of these serious problems without providing context needed to fully understand the complexity of these issues. A simple internet search reveals the prevalence of these types of articles. Here are just a few recent headlines:

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Colleges Fight Fraud With More Coursework

Amid rising concern that fraud rings are making off with millions of dollars of federal financial aid, some of the colleges most at risk have come up with one deterrent that is notable for its simplicity: They're assigning more coursework.

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Too Little, Too Late

Illinois suspends financial aid award program early

In the midst of the debate in Congress over whether or not to double interest rates on Federal student loans in July comes another hot-button aid issue—states are running out of aid money altogether. At the end of March, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) announced it would need to suspend making Monetary Award Program (MAP) awards for FAFSAs filed on or after March 14.

How Student Loan Services Impact the College Experience

Why universities that pick the right partner keep students in class and on track

As new high school graduates anxiously await acceptance letters from their favorite colleges, many will start to plan for this new chapter in their lives by seeking student loans and financial aid to pay for it. After running the gauntlet of qualifying for loans and assistance, many will forget all about it.

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"Combating Financial Aid Fraud and Preserving Institutional Integrity" at UBTech2012

Thomas J. Dalton, assistant vice president for enrollment management at Excelsior College, will explore the problems posed by student aid fraud and the challenge of identity verification in both traditional classrooms and online environments.

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California State U May Pull Cash Grants To Half Its Grad Students

California State University is withholding financial aid for about 20,000 needy graduate students - money that pays their tuition - pending a decision that could permanently end the cash grants, The Chronicle has learned.

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New Site To Calculate Potential Student Loan Debt

Want to calculate how much you could owe in student loans after graduating from a particular college? A new government website provides tools to help with the math.

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In Illinois, College Can Be A Legislative Favor

Politicians love to talk about the importance of education. In Illinois, legislators go a step further and personally award scholarships to state universities -- sometimes to friends, donors and political allies.

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