Financial Aid

The Gainful Employment Ruling

Continuing efforts to improve financial literacy for borrowers

Despite Federal District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras’ ruling that negates a primary metric of the U.S. Department of Education’s “gainful employment” regulations, the DOE still has authority to regulate gainful employment programs and schools should continue to look for ways to promote the financial success of their students.

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University Budget Restrictions: How to Do More With Less Through Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing

Collegiate institutions in the United States are experiencing a budget crisis, and the current state of higher education is more challenging now than ever before, especially for public institutions. States are slashing the higher educational spend across the board, ranging from high single- to double-digit percentages. Private institutions are also experiencing issues as annual giving has been reduced and endowments have not generated historic returns.

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Reports, Reports, and More Reports

Every college or university student financial aid office produces reports—tons of them—specific to their particular institution. However, some reports are common to all. One is the annual FISAP (Fiscal Operations Reports and Application to Participate), which summarizes data for the just-completed award year and keeps a financial aid office eligible for federal funding, explains Mary Hillstrom, assistant director of operations for the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Office of Student Financial Aid. The university has 13 campuses; 12 have implemented Oracle PeopleSoft.

Oceans of Data

Financial aid offices are drowning in a sea of reports, but the right tools and strategies can throw them a life raft.

The maxim “publish or perish” may be associated with the way faculty operate, but financial aid office administrators would likely agree it describes their situation, as well. Rather than publishing academic work, these employees are tasked with producing reports critical to their continued operations. And as anyone who has worked in student financial aid for even just a few years will vouch, the number of reports they’re running has become a veritable deluge.

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New Rule Limits Eligibility For Federal College Pell Grants: Higher Education

Some Northeast Ohio college students have exhausted their eligibility for the free federal Pell grant.

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Flexible software platform helps Hofstra University’s continuing ed division soar

Higher Reach by Jenzabar streamlines marketing efforts, student registrations, financial processes and reports
In the olden days—prior to April 2011—reconciling financial information at Hofstra University’s Continuing Education division was labor-intensive and time-consuming.
Today, the system is streamlined and general ledger reconciliation is seamless, thanks to Higher Reach by Jenzabar, a leading continuing education software platform.
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U.S. Student Wrongly Denied N.J. Tuition Grant Because Of Mom's Immigration Status, Court Says

An American-born student was wrongly denied financial assistance for tuition at a state college because her parents are not United States citizens, an appellate court panel ruled today.

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Higher One Distributes $50,000 in Scholarships to Students Across the U.S.

Higher One CARES Announces 20 Winners of “One Scholarship” Competition for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

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Campus Management and EC Group Partner to Advance Financial Aid Management in Higher Education

Campus Management Corp., a leading provider of enterprise software products and services for higher education, announced today a new strategic alliance with EC Group, LLC (EC Group) a preeminent professional services company specializing in financial aid management, regulatory compliance and institutional effectiveness.

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Oklahoma University Officials Receptive To Model Financial Aid Letter

Oklahoma university officials say they're receptive to a proposal designed to make the financial aid process more transparent and easier to understand.

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