Financial Aid

Financial Aid At California Colleges Hit By Scams, Officials Say

Seventeen people have been indicted since August in six cases that involve 15 California campuses, U.S. attorney's office says.

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College of Southern Maryland Launches Heroes Scholarship Campaign

With more than 870 students using veterans’ benefits to pursue their degree at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) since last fall, the CSM Foundation has launched its second annual “CSM Heroes Campaign” in honor of those who served our country as well as first responders who risk their lives daily for the safety of others.

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Tennessee school pays it forward with money management program for undergrads

Loan defaults decrease at Tusculum College through implementation of Inceptia’s student success analysis

In the world of federal student loan repayment, graduates have the upper hand. So do young adults well-schooled in the ways of money management.

Tusculum College in Tennessee understands that, particularly since working with the experts at Inceptia—leaders in financial education, default aversion and financial aid management services. Inceptia’s mission is to increase the financial aptitude of students, improve graduation rates and provide financial education and financial aid management services. Inceptia’s goal: 100 percent repayment of federal student loans. 

It's Well Past Time To Slash Higher Education Subsidies (Opinion)

Each year, the federal government spends billions of dollars on tuition tax credits to encourage more students to attend college. But these tax credits have little or no effect on college enrollment, have become a ripe target for abuse, and have made it easier for universities to increase prices. It’s time to end them.

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Small College Guide to Financial Health: Weathering Turbulent Times

In this timely book, financial consultant and experienced college administrator Mike Townsley examines the financial and strategic resources that private colleges and universities must have in place to withstand the storm.

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Financial Aid Shopping Sheet Unveiled

After a months-long collaboration with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Education has released a new, standardized format for financial aid award letters. ED encourages-but does not require-colleges and universities to implement the format for the 2013-14 year.

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Financial Aid Manager

We have an immediate need for a Financial Aid Manager for our Syracuse location.

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Effort Restarts In State To Give Illegal Immigrants College Aid

With the federal government giving young illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children a chance to stay in the country, advocates in Washington state are relaunching efforts to open state financial aid to college students who don't have documents.

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State Asks Institutions To Help Students Deal With High Cost Of College

The number of people who have defaulted on federal student loans in Indiana increased 35 percent over the last three years.

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