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If We Profs Don't Reform Higher Ed, We'll Be Re-Formed (And We Won't Like It)

Although normally a pretty upbeat and optimistic person, I end a lot of my different talks these days with a pretty scary, even dystopic slide: "IF WE PROFS CAN BE REPLACED BY A COMPUTER SCREEN, WE SHOULD BE.”

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Bullying at Work on Campus

Higher ed workers bullied more than general workforce

Bullies aren’t just on the playground. In fact, 62 percent of higher ed employees surveyed for a recent study reported witnessing or experiencing bullying in the past 18 months. That’s exactly one-quarter more than the 37 percent of the general workforce who report the same, according to Workplace Bullying Institute Data.

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Professors From Double-Dipping Case Leave U Of Minnesota

A faculty couple who were investigated for double-dipping salaries at two institutions has left the University of Minnesota.

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Insurance Coverage for Colleges and Universities

The Rutgers (N.J.) spying case and the Penn State abuse scandal, among others, highlight the liability risks of all types facing colleges and universities. From the other end of the risk spectrum, Tulane University’s (La.) long struggle to rebuild and recoup losses stemming from Hurricane Katrina illustrates the complexity of property damage risk management.

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Why Grand Valley State University Administrator Pushes Improvements For Part-Time Faculty

Administrators at Grand Valley State University are seeking to provide more training and development opportunities for part-time faculty, an initiative they say will benefit students and teachers alike.

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Tech School Teachers Are Paid More Than U Of Wisconsin Professors, Report Says

Full-time instructors in Wisconsin technical colleges took home an average of $90,000 last year in base pay and overages

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Dual Roles

Cross-training to enhance customer service, employee engagement, and career advancement

With budgets still tight and a workforce still lean, some higher ed institutions are applying an old approach that allows them to do more with less.

Cross-training employees, or training them to perform key tasks of a coworker’s job, is nothing new. Perhaps it’s never more appreciated than when employees take vacations, become ill, work on special projects, or quit their job.

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Glen Oaks Community College Faculty Votes 'No Confidence' In President

The faculty at Glen Oaks Community College gave President Gary Wheeler a vote of "no confidence" earlier this month after running into troubles applying for re-accreditation.

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Workforce Management Automation: The time to ACT is now

Kronos Workforce Central helps University of Georgia achieve high-level accountability, compliancy, and transparency (ACT)

Nearly 50 percent of higher education administrators feel their time and attendance systems are out of date, and 53 percent of systems in use by colleges and universities are not automated.