Enrollment Capacity

A major driver to an institution?s ?best? aid strategy

WHEN ANALYZING FINANCIAL AID strategies for our clients, one of the questions we always ask is “Are you at capacity?” For many institutions, this is a difficult question to answer, and often we hear different answers from different corners of the campus.

The Changing Chaplaincy

The role of religious leaders on campus as the spiritual needs of students evolve.

Yale University’s Sharon Kugler just hired a coordinator for Muslim life. Another of her program coordinators recently searched out a kosher-Chinese food restaurant in surrounding New Haven.

Coming to Terms

How mediation can resolve campus disputes without litigation

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING campus disputes sound familiar to you?

--An academic department chair is struggling with warring factions among the faculty who do not get along and are engaged in petty in fighting.

Bad Habits on Campus

How to deal with staff and faculty who are addicts

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE secretary who fell asleep at work, facedown on her computer keyboard? Or maybe you heard about the employee who broke down crying in his manager's office, admitting that he needed help for a problem he had been hiding for months-his addiction to alcohol. 

Are Loyalty Oaths Really Necessary?


WENDY GONAVER LOST HER TEACHING job at <b>California State University, Fullerton</b> in May because she refused to sign a state-mandated loyalty oath for all state employees. Gonaver, a practicing Quaker and pacifist, believes the oath is an infringement on her religious beliefs and her rights to free speech.



Welcome to the inaugural edition of Streamlined. My colleagues and I are proud to present this series of publications to inform college and university administrators about new and innovative methods of streamlining business office operations.

We consider them part of the RCC team.

Riverside Community College's telecommunications manager reflects on an 11-year partnership with NEC

Kathy Paschke is network specialist for voice at Riverside Community College in Riverside, California. She manages a telecommunications system that serves the college’s nine locations.

U of Nebraska Creates Unified Business Environment With mySAP Business Suite

Outdated software is replaced with a consolidated system that serves the diverse needs of four campuses

This project actually started back in 1996. We had an old-time mainframe, green screen, paper-oriented system.

U of Cincinnati Takes the Lead of Top Businesses in Adopting SAP Solutions

Major research university uses SAP for managing a $1 billion and 15,000 faculty and staff

We wanted features that would support a large research university.

Ready for VoIP? Here's how to tell.

Voice-over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is one of the fastest-growing technologies being deployed at colleges and universities.

Bruce Grant, NEC’s assistant general manager for product management and an expert on VoIP, explains this technology and how to prepare for it.