UW-Madison Employees Likely To Be Banned From Carrying Guns While Working

UW-Madison employees would not be able to carry guns or other weapons while working under a policy recommendation approved by the university's Faculty Senate Monday.

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UW-Stout Changes Stance On Professor's "Firefly" Poster

A University of Wisconsin-Stout professor will be able to hang his poster of "Firefly" Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds a week after a debate over the cult television show character's language erupted into a national First Amendment issue for college campuses.

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Union At Madison Area Technical College Looks For Options

The leaders of the Madison Area Technical College Part-Time Teachers' Union are proposing to dissolve the union, creating in its place a private corporation that would contract with the college to provide instructors and administrative functions.

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New Best Workplace Report

In August, Glassdoor.com, an anonymous workforce review site, created a "Best Universities to Work For" report based on user-submitted information. The University of Kansas came out on top with a score of 4.2 (very satisfied) and a president approval rating of 100 percent. Iowa State, Brigham Young (Utah) and Georgia Tech were all hot on Kansas' heels with scores of 4.1.

U of Rhode Island Silent On Details Of GLBT Advisor’s Leaving

Last February, chaplains of the University of Rhode Island honored gay and lesbian students for raising awareness of inequities on campus during a much publicized sit-in at the library.

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Former Professor Pleads Not Guilty In Ala Shooting

Pale, thin and dressed in a red jail uniform, a Harvard University-educated biology professor pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to capital murder charges Thursday in the slayings of three colleagues killed during a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

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UW-Madison Groups Campaign To Extend Ward As Interim Leader

Faculty, staff and student leaders at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are so enamored with their interim chancellor that they're urging his bosses to extend what was expected to be a one-year term in the post.

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Central Michigan U, University Faculty Await Fact-Finding Report

Central Michigan University and its faculty are waiting for a report from a fact-finder appointed by a state agency that could help settle their contract dispute.

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Faculty At Southern University Baton Rouge Split On Furloughs

Some Southern University faculty members want to withdraw their voluntary furlough agreements, but the administration is not planning to give in. "Our position is we're going to go forward with all of those who submitted their furlough agreements," Southern Chancellor James Llorens told The Advocate newspaper Wednesday.

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Chief Steps Down At Sac State Small-Business Center

Dennis Tootelian, the California State University, Sacramento, marketing professor who directed the college's Center for Small Business for much of its history, has stepped down from the post.

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