Adjunct professor support beyond orientation

Additional training and support after the initial orientation has ended is good practice

As leaders at some institutions have realized, it’s not enough to offer just an orientation for adjuncts. Additional training and support after the initial orientation has ended is good practice. For example, at National Louis University in Illinois, Linda Kryzak launched the Post-Training Café in March 2013 as an online forum for faculty members to support one another and share ideas.

Nine ways to improve on-boarding of adjuncts

  1. Pay adjuncts for attending the orientation session
  2. Invite adjuncts on staff to participate
  3. Allow a range of campus departments to make presentations
  4. Give campus tours
  5. Host a getting-acquainted meal
  6. Provide online sessions for convenience and review
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Wellesley College partnership with China university tested by threats to outspoken professor

Xia Yeliang is a professor of economics at China's Peking University. Through his classroom lectures and online blogs he has become one of China's most outspoken advocates of political change.

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Faculty sues to keep California's biggest community college open

Teachers at City College of San Francisco have sued to block regulators from taking steps to shutter California's largest community college, which was stripped of its accreditation earlier this year.

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When including faculty of color, policies aren’t enough

Policies and practices to create diversity exist, but they don’t seem to be functioning sufficiently, study says

Subordinated and marginalized. That’s how faculty of color at community colleges are feeling.

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The NSA's next move: silencing university professors?

A Johns Hopkins computer science professor blogs on the NSA and is asked to take it down.

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President of financially struggling Clarion University says she is 'willing to take a pay cut'

Clarion University's president has talked of late about necessary financial pain being absorbed on her cash-strapped state-owned campus. This morning, Karen Whitney said she is open to accepting some of that pain herself.

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Raises planned as part of Lone Star College budget

The Lone Star College System trustees accepted a 2013-14 budget that includes a 4 percent raise for all full-time employees, as well as an increase in the pay schedule for adjunct instructors, and the addition of 17 instructors at two area campuses.

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University of Connecticut bans faculty-student relationships

Board of Trustees approved its first-ever prohibition after receiving update on investigation of alleged sexual misconduct by professor Robert Miller,a music professor now barred from campus.

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Some higher ed job listings recovering from recession

Communications, sociology listings leading the way

Job listings for Ph.D.'s in the social sciences and humanities continue to recover from low points hit during the Great Recession, says a new report from the American Sociological Association.

Listing for positions in two disciplines, sociology and communications, have even surpassed pre-Recession peaks, according to “On the Road to Recovery: Findings from the ASA 2012-2013 Job Bank Survey.”