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Yale Endowment Posts 22% Gain to End Fiscal Year at $19.4 Billion

The endowment of Yale University turned in a much improved performance in its latest year, though still not as strong as the broad stock market.

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Yale Endowment Reaches $19.4B

Yale University says its endowment earned about 22 percent return on its investments for the last budget year, bringing it to $19.4 billion and securing its place as the second largest among universities nationwide.

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Harvard Reports Big Gains On Investments

Harvard University’s endowment earned 21.4 percent on its investments for the year ended June 30, roughly in line with the financial performance of other large funds, the school’s money managers reported yesterday.

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Now, Grow Endowments, Not Enrollment (Opinion)

As far back as 2004, North Dakota State University’s rapid growth made it seem likely that for the first time in state history, NDSU would top UND in enrollment.

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Carnegie Mellon Receives $265 Million Pledge

Carnegie Mellon University has received a huge new pledge to expand its programs.

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Behind The News

It's common to find students filing papers in campus offices, restocking library shelves, or checking IDs at the fitness center to make a buck. What's a little less common is students replacing sidewalks and entranceways to dorms, building fountains, and constructing additions.

Universities and Investment Fraud

Knowledge about operational due diligence and investment performance analysis, with a bit of skepticism as well, can help prevent getting tangled up in investment scandals.

Westridge Capital Management, formed in 1996, promised investors enhanced cash returns by trading equity index futures. The firm's performance was so attractive, a host of pensions and endowments invested with it, including Bowling Green State University (Ohio), Carnegie Mellon University (Pa.), Ohio Northern University, and the University of Pittsburgh. In 2009, the Securities and Exchange Commission alleged that staff at Westridge invested very little client money.

Who's On First?

Developing and managing endowed scholarship funds

Given the multiple goals and multiple players involved in developing and managing endowed scholarship funds, there are lots of opportunities for communication gaps, poor service, and less than optimal use of the funds. In an ideal world, endowed funds and annual gifts given for scholarship support would be used to take the place of unfunded aid in the offers made to students, freeing unfunded (and therefore unrestricted) resources for other purposes. However, many institutions are not able to achieve this efficient outcome for a number of reasons.

Endowments 2010: Risk Management, Liquidity, Stewardship

As institutions continue to recover endowment losses, moving forward requires caution.

Year-end statements for pensions, 403(b) accounts, and mutual funds aren't as frightening to open as they were this time last year. University endowment managers usually wait until their fiscal year ends in June before they really look at their statements, but interim surveys indicate that performance has improved.

Donor 3.0

Connecting with the prospects of today, and tomorrow

WHEN IT BECOMES HARDER TO raise funds and the notion of success is coming up with just 90 percent of last year's revenues, fundraisers must get smarter--by better understanding their donors and the different tools and approaches to connecting with them. Colleges and universities of all sizes now have the opportunity to influence and motivate a new generation of donors and get them in the "habit of giving," but it's an uphill climb. The competition for every second of attention and each dollar is frenetic.