Employee Morale

Payday Progress

Division of Information Technology, The George Washington University

There were any number of reasons why The George Washington University needed to automate the way it paid stipends to the thousands of students who work there as tutors, teachers, researchers, or facilitators.

Deal May Be Near in Long Island U Strike

A faculty strike that disrupted the first week of school at Long Island University could come to an end on Monday, both sides said Friday after a new round of negotiations produced the outlines of a deal.

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University Of North Carolina System Loses 3,000 Workers After Budget

The University of North Carolina system cut more than 3,000 filled jobs because of spending reductions required by the General Assembly in this year's budget, leading to larger class sizes, curtailed services and fewer instructors and administrators, according to a system report released Thursday.

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Louisiana State U Health Center Executive Retires, Gets Pension, Returns To His Old Job

The vice chancellor of Louisiana State University's Health Sciences Center recently took a two-week retirement before returning to his old job on an interim basis, a move that netted him a nearly $20,000 monthly pension on top of a $211,000 annual salary.

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Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Bishop State Community College

The director of financial aid at Bishop State Community College has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the 2-year school and the state Department of Postsecondary Education.

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Their Opinion: Stop The Minnesota State College and University System Executive Bonus Train

It recently was reported the erstwhile Minnesota State College and University System chancellor was getting a $50,000 bonus for work he did in his final year as the head of the system. That was the maximum that could be given under his contract.

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Trends With Benefits

Department of Human Resources, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Think back to your first week on the job. Amidst the endless paperwork and the time you spent figuring out your new voicemail system, you probably sat in a conference room for an hour or two and participated in an employee benefits orientation session … with maybe one or two other new hires, if that.

At Columbia, Faith of Some in President Is Shaken

Several Columbia University professors said this week that the recent resignations of two high-ranking black administrators have shaken their confidence in the institution’s president, Lee C. Bollinger, and reignited concerns among their colleagues about other aspects of his leadership.

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Second Highly Paid UConn Cop To Retire

The second of UConn's two highly paid top cops, Maj. Ronald Blicher, has decided to retire, five and a half months after Courant disclosures sparked controversy over his $201,883 annual salary and the $255,848-a-year pay of Chief Robert Hudd — who also has said that he will retire after the university hires a new chief.

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