Higher Education Giving Expected To Reach Pre-Recession Levels

Colleges and universities depend largely on donations, and if one estimate holds true, giving to higher education institutions is on track to exceed the watermark set before the 2009 recession.

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Presidents Of Texas Universities Warn Against Tying Funds To Graduation Rates

University presidents warned Monday that tying state funds to graduation rates, as Gov. Rick Perry and some lawmakers have proposed, could cause some campuses to have huge cuts in funding.

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More College Freshmen View Diploma As Gateway To Better Job

Nearly 75% of first-year students in the U.S. say making more money was a key reason for pursuing a bachelor's degree, a UCLA survey finds.

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Moody’s Outlook on Higher Education Turns Negative

The credit reporting agency Moody’s on Wednesday said that it has revised its financial outlook for colleges and universities, giving a negative grade to the entire sector.

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Moody's: One-Third Of Us Colleges Facing Falling Or Stagnant Tuition Revenues

Weakened pricing power and difficulty in growing enrollment are impeding revenue growth at an increasing number of US colleges and universities

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Colleges Lose Pricing Power

The demand for four-year college degrees is softening

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