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Court Will Take New Look At Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban

A federal appeals court says it will take a fresh look at a decision that overturned Michigan's ban on affirmative action in college admissions and government hiring.

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2nd Radiologist Alleges Racist Talk

A University of Iowa radiologist’s legal battle to save his job escalated dramatically Friday with another radiologist’s claims that a department head repeatedly made racist and exploitative remarks about employees and an accusation that officials paid hush money to keep quiet the “defective treatment” of patients.

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Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Bishop State Community College

The director of financial aid at Bishop State Community College has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the 2-year school and the state Department of Postsecondary Education.

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University of North Carolina's Confederate Statue Draws New Protest

Students gathered Thursday to start a new discussion about the monument known as "Silent Sam."

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At Columbia, Faith of Some in President Is Shaken

Several Columbia University professors said this week that the recent resignations of two high-ranking black administrators have shaken their confidence in the institution’s president, Lee C. Bollinger, and reignited concerns among their colleagues about other aspects of his leadership.

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What Ever Happened to Shared Governance?

Twenty-first century challenges are threatening a bastion of faculty power and pride.

The idea that faculty members are uniquely qualified to determine the direction, standards, and practices of the institutions at which they teach and do research has been a tenet in higher education. At many colleges and universities, the faculty has almost sole responsibility for hiring, promoting, and granting tenure to its own.

Making an International Community

International students and study abroad help globalize community college campuses

Preparing students to work in a global economy is no small feat, but it is a skill employers are requesting. According to "Raising the Bar," a 2009 survey released by the American Association of Colleges and Universities, 67 percent of employers believe colleges should place an emphasis on providing students "the ability to understand the global context of situations and decisions," and 57 percent want students to have a better understanding of cultural diversity.

Programs for ELL

Integrating immigrants into the community

Election years always tend to revive the debate surrounding immigration policy. What is often forgotten is that many people with a foreign accent arrived here through proper channels. Community colleges are working to help integrate them in their new homes.

"Everyone has heard of the immigrant doctor who is driving a taxi," says Teresita Wisell, associate dean of the Gateway Center at Westchester Community College (N.Y.). "We want to help them navigate the process to help them use their education."

The Quest for Internationals

Seven considerations in the recruitment of international students and what institutional leaders can do to work through them

In 2006, Northeastern University enrolled students from 42 countries, representing 4 percent of the freshman class. By 2009, the university had increased those numbers to 61 countries and 11 percent, along the way adding 932 new high schools sending students to Boston.

Endowments 2010: Risk Management, Liquidity, Stewardship

As institutions continue to recover endowment losses, moving forward requires caution.

Year-end statements for pensions, 403(b) accounts, and mutual funds aren't as frightening to open as they were this time last year. University endowment managers usually wait until their fiscal year ends in June before they really look at their statements, but interim surveys indicate that performance has improved.