Distance Learning

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Master’s degree Is new frontier of study online

Next January, the Georgia Institute of Technology plans to offer a master’s degree in computer science through massive open online courses for a fraction of the on-campus cost, a first for an elite institution. If it even approaches its goal of drawing thousands of students, it could signal a change to the landscape of higher education. Virtual U.

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Kentucky community college breaks new ground in distance learning

With 187,000 working adults in Kentucky lacking a bachelor’s degree, state officials believed a new type of distance learning program could reach this group of potential students. So in 2006, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System began developing a set of modular, three- to five-week online courses called the Learn on Demand program.

Colleges breaking new ground in distance learning

Students benefits when state systems integrate online education programs, report says

Before 2012, students who wanted to pursue an online degree at one of Florida’s public colleges or universities would have to navigate through a maze of websites, trying to cobble together a set of classes that would meet the requirements for their program.

Online Curriculum Development: Not a Turnkey Solution

Pearson Education President Dave Daniels bristles when he hears the word “outsourcing” used to describe contracts colleges and universities sign with outside vendors to develop online curriculum.

“The word ‘outsource’ to me is real pejorative,” Daniels says. “It sounds like the school is saying, ‘Here, take it and bring it back to us.’ When it really is a collaboration. People think there’s this big, bad for-profit giant coming and taking over.”

Schools Saying No Thanks to External Online Course Design Help

Although the in-house work in preparing traditional classes to be taught online can be overwhelming, the vast majority of colleges and universities do not to use third-party vendors for online course development. Ottawa University, based in Kansas but with locations across the country, has its own curriculum design studio, says Brian Messer, vice president of online.

Videoconferencing Inspires Global Teamwork

With videoconferencing technology, distance is no barrier to face-to-face collaboration

At the Rochester Institute of Technology (N.Y.), biomedical photography students are using videoconferencing technology to show their work to audiences in Wales. A librarian is providing tutorials to students at satellite campuses in Eastern Europe. And researchers are holding meetings with project sponsors hundreds of miles away.

Colleges Finding Partners for Online Course Development

Making digital course development work

Higher ed institutions driving courses online to meet increasing demand sometimes need outside help in developing or designing their digital curriculum. Of more than 2,000 colleges and universities with online programs, about 10 percent have used third-party vendors for any course development, estimates Richard Garrett, vice president and principal analyst for online higher education at the consulting firm Eduventures.

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Extending the Active Learning Environment: From Physical to Virtual and the Spaces in Between

At UBTech, Jason Meneely, an assistant professor in the Department of Interior Design at the University of Florida, and Tawnya Means, the Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida, will discuss active learning and the paradigm shift from “information-era” to “creative-era” classrooms.

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Secrets to Success in Online College Learning

First, not all online learning can be characterized as failing its students.

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Jackson Community College Partnering With Concordia University To Offer Degree Completion Program On Central Campus

Concordia University is now offering bachelor’s degree completion programs on Jackson Community College’s main Summit Township campus.

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