Outlook on technology: Tech renaissance

A more robust, post-MOOC phase of online learning on the horizon in higher ed

What cutting-edge devices are going to demand campus bandwidth in the near future? The 21st century versions of two old stand-bys: the refrigerator and the wrist watch. Sure, there will still be plenty of laptops, tablets and smartphones crowding the Wi-Fi, but the “internet of things” and wearable technology are coming to campus, forcing CIOs to yet again boost the power of their networks.

Outlook on teaching: Academic return-on-investment

The way in which students develop their skills will continue to shift away from the traditional lecture-based model

What college students are learning—and how—has become a mainstream talking point across the political spectrum. Much of this talk concerns dollars and cents—namely, cost and payoff. As a result, 2015 may be a year in which many institutions do a gut-check of their own value propositions, as pressure to increase affordability—and return on investment—pervades all of higher education.

What’s in store for higher ed web developers?

Predictive web analytics can guide higher ed marketers in charting their course with more certainty

If the 10 years I’ve spent observing and analyzing the industry since I started my blog are any indication, there’s one prediction I can make with complete confidence: The new year will have its share of surprises and challenges. Keep these five trends in mind.

Putting web analytics data to use in higher education

No matter how much data you collect, it’s useful only if you’re asking the right questions

Digital analytics are part of hundreds of conversations, projects, meetings and reports on many campuses. Yet, with so much data now available, it is more challenging to choose what to present to decision-makers.

Universal Analytics: A game changer for higher ed?

Learn what every higher ed digital analytics professional will soon be talking about.

Learn what every higher ed digital analytics professional will soon be talking about.

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Data mining the MOOCs

The exploding popularity of MOOCs is beginning to open up a mother lode of data about prospective students that colleges and universities can use for marketing and recruitment purposes. MOOCs are still in their infancy stages, and the concept of leveraging their reach as a data-rich marketing vehicle for the institution is even newer. But it’s beginning to gain a foothold.

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National Student Aid Profile: Overview of 2013 Federal Programs

The number of students applying for federal financial assistance jumped 62 percent over five years, while the total amount of federal financial aid awarded to students under Title IV of the Higher Education Act also increased dramatically. Information about these vital programs can be found in NASFAA's recently updated National Student Aid Profile.

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Higher ed associations take new approach to tracking student success

As more states are allocating funds to colleges and universities based on performance-based metrics, six higher education associations are sponsoring a new tracking system to measure student progress.

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