Gulati Complex at Chestnut Hill College

Two under-utilized spaces were transformed into highly trafficked, vibrant areas on Chestnut Hill College’s campus in Philadelphia.

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Ball State U dorm renoBall State U Dorm Renovation Behind Schedulevation behind schedule

Renovation of Studebaker East Residence Hall at Ball State University is behind schedule, the university announced this morning.

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University Of South Alabama's New Shelby Hall Will Help Recruit Students (Gallery)

Shelby Hall has turned into a recruiting tool for the University of South Alabama.

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Southern Methodist U Spends $375 Million On Campus Projects With Hopes To Construct A Top-Tier Future

In nearly every corner of Southern Methodist University, President R. Gerald Turner can point out signs of change.

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Book Excerpt: The Sustainable University, Part I

The Sustainability University: A Need to Move Forward

Over the course of approximately 200 conversations and interviews for our book, The Sustainable University: Green Goals and New Challenges for Higher Education Leaders (Johns Hopkins, 2012), it became apparent that while many believe the period for orientations to sustainability has passed and the movement has transitioned from one of general citizen awareness to the need for tangible solutions, many

Q&A With the Authors of The Sustainable University

Campus Groundbreakings

A three-story, 103,000-square-foot laboratory and research building project got under way this spring at the University of California, Merced. Called the Science and Engineering Building 2 and designed by Smith Group JJR, it will complete the academic core around the campus quad. General contractor McCarthy Building Companies is managing the $88 million project, as well as the $10 million Recreation Center North project, a 19,000-square-foot facility designed by WRNS Studio, which recently had its final structural beam put in place.

College Partnerships With Private Developers

The advantages of using an outside developer for capital projects

It’s no trade secret that there is a growing trend of colleges using developers to construct student housing. A number of universities, particularly public institutions, are finding it advantageous to work with large real estate developers.

However, based on my years of experience, the advantages of working with private developers go well beyond public universities and construction of student housing.