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College is becoming more difficult for the middle class to afford

Economic trends are beginning to undermine access to higher education—America’s golden ticket to the middle class. The cost of college has vastly outpaced the growth of the economy; in 2012, the total debt from student loans exceeded both credit card debt and auto loans.

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Vermont lags in state support for higher education

Vermont is spending $931 less per student on higher education than it did five years ago. That’s nearly a 19 percent reduction, although it's less of a plunge than most other states took during the recession—the average decrease was 28 percent.

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Higher ed finance bill clears Michigan senate with bipartisan support

The Michigan senate passed a higher education finance bill that includes $250 million in additional funding and a tuition freeze at the state’s public colleges and universities. The legislation also includes the “Dream Act,” which allows undocumented high school graduates to pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities.

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Indiana Higher Education Commission names CFO

Matt Hawkins will join the staff of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education on July 8 as associate commissioner and chief financial officer. Hawkins currently serves as the executive director of Ivy Tech Community College's statewide grants office.

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Campus engagement centers see funding boost

As other campus departments experience cut or stagnant budgets, campus engagement centers have been an exception. Although they’re generally smaller departments, their budgets have been steadily growing over the past few years, according to a survey of Campus Compact’s member institutions.

Colorado U-Boulder students teach middle schoolers financial literacy

Colorado University-Boulder students, with the guidance of Associate Professor Alan Jagolinzer of the Leeds School, have provided 50-minute lessons at least twice weekly throughout the spring semester for Summit Charter School on everything from budgeting to debt, investment returns, market volatility, and credit cards.

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Minnesota House Passes Higher Ed Budget that Would Freeze Tuition

In a vote that some lawmakers hailed as a first step toward curbing the rising costs of college, Minnesota's House passed an omnibus bill that would freeze tuition for two years at both of the state’s public higher education systems.

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What We Should Know about Investments and Endowments

John Griswold, executive director of Commonfund Institute, talks in this Q&A about how colleges and universities can make smart choices in an uncertain economy, and details the major factors influencing investment decisions.

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Best Practices in Financial Aid Strategy

In this web seminar, Scannell & Kurz offers best practices in deploying scarce aid resources, while discussing how to evaluate the effectiveness of current pricing and award strategies and how to identify opportunities to increase net tuition.

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Oklahoma Higher-Ed System Faces New Financial Crisis

Unless lawmakers find the money, Oklahoma's higher education facilities will be forced to fork over an additional $24 million a year in bond costs that education leaders previously believed were going to be shouldered by the state.

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