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NASFAA Issues Recommendations for Reducing Student Loan Debt

Student financial aid administrators, policymakers, and the general public have all expressed increasing concern about student loans, debt levels, and rising default rates, which coincide with worries about college costs, affordability, and transparency. That’s why NASFAA, the association representing nearly 20,000 financial aid professionals from all sectors of higher education, convened a task force in 2012 to study this issue and make recommendations for improvement.

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Financial Aid Strategies You Can Explain: Where Do You Draw the Line?

In estimating enrollment behavior, there are variables that are typically significant, such as financial need, total grant, quality measures, intended major, distance from campus, etc. Although the set of variables and their magnitudes are specific to each institution, there are some indicators that are usually more predictive than others.

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The Evolution of Payments on Campus: Thinking Outside the Card

As one of the most cost-effective administrative tools and marketing vehicles for recruitment and retention of students and employees, campus cards have been representative of technological advancement at higher education institutions across the country. The advent of mobile payment applications on campus will certainly give colleges the competitive advantage they need to boost enrollment, retain students and employees, and develop better relationships with local businesses.

2013 Second Annual ACUTA State of ResNet Report

The 2013 ACUTA/NACUBO State of ResNet Report shows that while many campuses are rapidly adapting to meet ResNet challenges, there is still significant concern over the future of the residential network. In this second year of this study, we see the emergence of trends that may tell us a great deal about the trajectory of ResNet policies and perspectives nationwide.

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Five Discussions to Have with Your Banker

The pace of change in the business offices of universities has never been faster. All eyes are on how institutions will manage the challenges of cost containment pressures, lower federal and state support, and the changing marketplace for higher education. With more demands on your resources—including personnel, capital and time—you have to ensure you are getting the most out of your business partnerships. Of these partnerships, one of the most important is your banker.

Loan Repayment Relief from Financial Aid Administrators

A House bill, the Earnings Contingent Education Loans (ExCEL) Act of 2012, attempts to reduce complexity, improve default rates, and increase the effectiveness of federal student loan subsidies—and would dramatically alter the way federal student loans are paid back.

Moneymaking Meals: Campus Dining Strategies that Boost Revenue

Boosting the revenue of university dining programs usually boils down to finding ways to attract more customers, but the methods, as these examples show, can be as varied as the menus at a mall food court.

Let’s Make a Deal

If the phrase “everything is negotiable” makes you uneasy, you’re not alone. Even though negotiation is increasingly essential for campus procurement departments, the task is often approached with trepidation. This isn’t surprising, given the past experience of many procurement professionals, says Steve Mack, director of procurement services for the University of Missouri System.