Campus Cards

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Your Campus Card System - Migrate, Upgrade or Outsource? at UBTech2012

Over the past 40 years, campus card systems have been on the forefront and early adopters of new technology, customer-focused applications and innovative campus services.

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GET Group Debuts CP500 Card Printer for Secure Campus ID Solutions

Global Enterprise Technologies Corp. (GET Group), a provider of cutting-edge passport and ID systems globally, today unveiled its CP500 identification card printer, the most advanced desktop retransfer 600dpi pigment ink card printing solution in the world. The CP500 combines the superior forensics of 600dpi pigment ink with user-upgradeable encoding features for personalization to deliver the most secure card printing solution on the market.

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A Look Beyond Campus Cards

Given the pervasive use of mobile devices, could handheld technology replace campus card programs altogether? After all, aiming a device at a residence hall keypad, or paying for vending snacks by waving a cell phone at the machine, are already possible, as is automated check-in at events, purchases at tech-savvy retailers, and connection to banking services.

With all that functionality, it just makes sense to consider a switch, believes Laura Ploughe, director of business applications and fiscal control in the university business services department at Arizona State University.

Getting Carded

Best practices for campus card administration

Campus cards have come a long way since their initial uses related to door access and meal plan tracking. Increasingly, colleges and universities are turning campus cards into function-packed systems, with subsequent benefits related to efficiency, revenue generation, and off-campus partnerships. Here are 10 best practices for getting the most out of your campus card program.

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Sallie Mae’s No Fee Student Checking Now Provides Surcharge-Free ATMs on Campus

At a time when it’s more important than ever for students to have access to low cost banking products, the average consumer is spending $30 a year using ATMs. To address this, Sallie Mae is making it possible for student checking account customers to withdraw cash surcharge-free at easily accessible ATMs. With the help of Cardtronics, the world's largest retail ATM owner, Sallie Mae is rolling out ATMs on select campuses which are fee free for students with a Sallie Mae Debit MasterCard. In addition, students have fee free access to 35,000 Allpoint Network ATMs nationwide.

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Behind the News

The federal Dream Act, which would have created a path to citizenship for immigrants who obtained a college degree or had two years of military service, did not include provisions for in-state tuition, but it is still a flash point in the discussion. State legislatures in Oregon, Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado, and Georgia, among others, have been debating laws allowing undocumented students to pay in-state tuition.

Fast refunds for college students, with no overdraft fees

Nelnet is offering preloaded debit cards as an option for university tuition refunds

A Bursar's Best Friend

Why and how campuses are implementing automated refund management

There are 18 million college students, 40 percent of whom receive federal financial aid every spring and every fall. The average student, after class drops and other adjustments, gets 2.5 refunds totaling $1,300. That's a lot of money and a lot of transactions that have to be made according to a stringent set of regulations.

Deploying Secure Guest Access at the University of San Diego

Finding a beneficial solution for account users

At the University of San Diego (USD), while students and faculty look forward to summertime, the USD Wireless Team is working without any real breaks. The USD Wireless Team knows that summer brings more than 12,000 visitors on campus for events, sports camps, and conferences. Each year the Team is faced with a number of challenges in supporting these visitors, including providing secure wireless internet access across a campus that spans 180 acres.

The card gives me more pride for my school.

Russ Gerry, a senior at Dowling, serves on the Student Government Association as vice president of finance.

It’s not easy to get to a bank, especially forstudents without cars. A shuttle stops at the local strip mall but there’s only one bank, so if that’s not your bank you can’t cash your check. That problem is gone with refunds going right into our OneAccounts.