Business Intelligence

Predictive Modeling: A Tool, Not the Answer

Benefits and cautions of using historical data to predict the future

If you still watch TV with commercials, you may have seen an ad recently talking about using data to improve your business—the bakery that mined its sales data to discover that people buy more cake on rainy days, for example. Everybody’s talking about “big data” and “data science,” basically applying sophisticated analytic techniques to large datasets. And one of the things they’re doing is predictive modeling—using historical data to make predictions about the future.

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Rapid Insight Hosts User Conference with Record Attendance of Business Intelligence Software Users

Rapid Insight Inc., a provider of predictive analytic and business intelligence software, celebrated their 10th anniversary while hosting their annual User Conference on June 21-22. Attendance was at an all-time high with a 75% increase in customers from higher education, fundraising, government and healthcare.

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TopSchool Delivers Faster and Easier Access to Data & Reports

New Advancements Allow Institutions to More Proactively Use Student Information

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New technology from QSR International makes analyzing social media and online data easy

QSR International today announced the release of NVivo 10, the first qualitative data analysis software that enables people to easily capture, work with and analyze social media and online data. Capitalizing on the rapid expansion of social media and the world’s rush to tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more; this latest version of NVivo caters to a modern landscape and gives people the power to easily analyze every kind of information.

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Finding a Path to HR Savings

The fact that every campus has a human resources department could lead to inefficiencies within large university systems. Or at least that’s how officials at the University of California saw it. The system is consolidating routine payroll, benefits, leave management, and workforce administration functions from across 10 campuses at a single location near the Riverside campus.

The Rise of Analytics-Driven Decisions

Relying on web analytics in decision making

Have you heard about the analytics revolution in higher education? Ready or not, it’s coming to your institution—if it isn’t already there. Whether you work in an academic, business, IT, marketing, or web office, the data-driven movement is slowly but surely making its way in to the hearts and minds of top executives faced with serious strategic and financial challenges.

Think this is just wishful thinking from the higher education online analytics evangelist I’ve become over the past two years?
Educause begs to differ.

Online Collaboration Tools

What kinds of collaboration tools are being used by higher ed administrators for more efficient execution of projects these days? Here are a few examples:

Collaborative Workflow: The New Kid on Campus

Moving beyond collaborative software to implement tools that enhance process and increase productivity

Students, staff, faculty, and alumni are frequently in need of support for special projects, curriculum collaboration, and technology. Helpdesk solutions for IT administrators have been widely adopted among larger institutions to streamline IT support. But, with tight budgets, there’s a need for a streamlined, collaborative workflow that allows staff, support specialists, department heads, administrators, and professors alike to be more productive, in a shorter period of time and with less staff.

Managing the paperwork sprawl

Laserfiche turns document management from nightmare to sweet dreams for USC’s Office of the Provost.

Even for smaller colleges and universities, managing personnel records is often onerous. Now imagine having to do this for thousands of full-time and part-time faculty, sprawled across 17 schools and colleges. This was exactly the situation facing the staff at the University of Southern California (USC) Office of the Provost. By 2005, the Provost’s Office was drowning in mountains of paperwork and struggling to become more efficient.

Eliminating the paper chase

With ECM software tools, data is only a mouse-click away.

The workplace shouldn’t feel like a scavenger hunt, where you’re constantly on the prowl trying to locate this document or that contract. And yet many college and university employees spend countless hours doing exactly that. There are better and more cost-effective ways for staff to spend their time.