Up Front and Personal

While academic marketers now can reach prospects through a wider array of channels, the structure of discourse and the content communicated hasn't changed as much. And change might yield deeper connections and better results.

When I applied to colleges 40 years ago, I wrote letters to six schools and received a view book from each with a friendly cover letter, an invitation to visit the campus, an application, and a pointer to an alum or two who would be glad to sit down with me and discuss my future.

Higher Ed Journalism: New Realities

How media coverage has evolved--and how campus administrators should respond

ONLY A FEW YEARS AGO, all of the higher education media were published weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Many, such as University Business, Change, Education Week, and various newsletters and magazines published by higher education associations and consulting firms, still are available on a periodic basis in printed form.

Willingness to Pay

Making the best case for institutional value and return on investment.

FOR MANY FAMILIES GOING through the college search and selection process, there may be a big difference between the ability to pay college expenses versus the willingness to pay.

MARKETING: The Big Questions Answered

How to increase the effectiveness of your marketing spending

THREE QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN MAKING the rounds at the marketing conferences this year, as more and more schools are trying to get a better handle on their marketing expenditures:

1. How much does marketing cost?

2. Is marketing worth the money?

3. How can we increase the effectiveness of our marketing?