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University Advertises on a ‘Need to Know’ Basis

A new campaign for a university is borrowing a page from Dale Carnegie in trying to win friends and influence the influencers.

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Presidential Brand Power

The presidential primary calendar is kicking off in just a couple months, and this is good news for those colleges and universities able to leverage the momentum of the presidential election process every four years to help gain visibility.

New Look, New Functionality

Visitors to the University Business website last month began seeing a redesigned site, built from the ground up to add more features and greater functionality. To give you an idea of what you'll find on the new site, I turned to Stephanie Martinez, CIO of Professional Media Group, which publishes University Business.

"The UB website was built using Drupal 7, an open-source content management system," she says. "The Drupal CMS allows us to manage content more efficiently, and it is very scalable. New features can be added easily."

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A Higher Profile, By Design

MassArt unveils a $120 million expansion plan

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College Rankings a Mixed Bag for Texas Universities

Depending on who you ask, the University of Texas at Austin is either the 45th best university in the country, or it's the 186th. Texas A&M University-College Station is either the 58th, or it's the 178th. The practice of ranking colleges and universities has become pervasive, but interpreting them can be difficult since no two publications take the same approach.

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On Campus, It’s One Big Commercial

It's move-in day here at the University of North Carolina, and Leila Ismail, stuffed animals in tow, is feeling some freshman angst.

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The Out-of-State Solution to College Budgets

Amid declining state financial support for universities, many schools are relying on nonresidents—and working hard to recruit them—to make ends meet

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Net Revenue and Financial Aid Implications of Going Global

Considerations beyond curriculum for international experiences at home and away

Increasingly, college and university leaders are recognizing that no undergraduate education is complete without exposure to cultures outside the United States. Therefore, many institutions are striving to create a more global experience for their students, through enrolling more international students, encouraging students to study or work abroad, setting up satellite campuses in other countries, or some combination of all three.

Web Accessibility: Required, Not Optional

Did you get the memo on website accessibility? With the latest legal and regulatory developments, you’d better make sure you did. The time is now for web accessibility in higher education. 

What's Needed in Critiques of Higher Education

Criticism without context and a call for recognition of good practices

Recent popular books and articles on the state of higher education today might lead a reader to conclude that no students are prepared for college-level work, nor are they learning or studying as much as they should, especially in their first two years in college. In the March 24 New York Review of Books, Peter Brooks, the distinguished scholar of comparative literature who spent many years at Yale and is now at Princeton, reviews several of the recently published critiques of American higher education.