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How About a University Steak to Go With That Sweatshirt?

Washington State University, which raises its own cattle to train veterinarians and farmers, is trying to put a brand name on the college’s meat. W.S.U. Premium Beef could help recruitment at the animal sciences department, while revenue from beef sales could help fill some budget gaps.

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1-2-3-4, They Love What They Wore

Not many colleges have a four-star general at the helm, but students at Birmingham-Southern College (Ala.) are such big fans of their president, former Marine Corps Commandant Charles C. Krulak, that the campus bookstore wanted to come up with a t-shirt reflecting how they feel. When the store received a copy of a USMC poster featuring Krulak (known on campus as "the General") with his arm around a young recruit, they decided to use the image and make it their own.

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New Ga. University Criticized For Altering Photos

"Augusta State" was removed from photos of golfers and other athletes in a marketing publication to promote a new school created when Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences University merged.

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A Conversation with Tom Dougherty

Marketing and branding expert Tom Dougherty says that colleges and universities can and should adopt the promotional strategies of the top consumer brands. An often-quoted source on business and brands, he has been featured recently by The New York Times and CNN, discussing topics ranging from television to Apple to airlines. In his 25-year career, Dougherty has helped companies like Lexus, Tide, and IKEA capture market share from competitors by changing their focus from product to people.

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Eastern Michigan University Asked To Sever Ties With Adidas Following Alleged Worker Violations

An Eastern Michigan University student organization, Students for an Ethical and Participatory Education, is urging the university to consider severing its contract with Adidas due to allegations of workers rights violations, the Eastern Echo reported.

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Group Protests Eastern Michigan University's Use Of Huron Logo

As Eastern Michigan University’s Board of Regents met on the third floor of the Ypsilanti school’s administration building Tuesday, 25 to 30 people —several Native Americans among them— protested the school’s recent usage of its former Huron mascot.

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Branding Your University to Steal Market Share

At UBTech, marketing and branding expert Tom Dougherty will explain how to change the mindset of a university or college that does not see itself as a business.

What's the Buzz? Exclusive TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings

An exclusive look at the "Higher Education 2013 TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings: the Handbook for Higher Education in the Internet Age"

In December, Tulane University (La.) announced it had misreported some admissions data for its Freeman School of Business to be used in US News & World Report’s college rankings.

Effective Campuswide Digital Signage Communications

Providing instantaneous reach

After being announced as a host venue for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, my colleagues and I at The University of British Columbia (Canada) began preparations for the thousands of visitors expected to come see the Olympic torch relay and attend events at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre.

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Dixie State College Keeping Its Name Amid Controversy

Recent study showed 83% of those with ties to school want to keep name as it becomes a university.

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