University of Toledo may sell alcohol at sporting venues

A decision to join a growing number of schools that dangle booze to boost attendance and revenue sales could come within the next two weeks, according to Toledo athletic director Mike O’Brien.

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SI: Do athletics still have too much power at Penn State?

At a time when health and safety issues have rattled football to its core, some members of the Penn State community can't fathom why one of the country's highest-profile and most-scrutinized college sports programs would do anything that might lessen athletic health care.

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Sports Scandals: This Time...

"On the heels of numerous recent scandals, the higher education world is finally (again) examining the role of athletics in academia. And every time a new scandal erupts, we are shocked—shocked—that such things go on within the halls of academia. Ah, but there’s the rub: In many schools, and especially those with a proclivity to horrific headlines, the athletic department is acting as an autonomous fiefdom."

Dear College Presidents: Break The NCAA's Vise Grip On Athletes

The great social quest in American sport is to have one prominent, active, gay male athlete step forward and identify himself.

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Eastern Michigan Continues To Revamp Football Staff With Hiring Of Two New Assistants

The university announced the hiring of Ryan Oshnock as a special teams coach and Brad Wilson as the team's new offensive line coach.

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Wrestlers Who Were Allegedly Videotaped at Muskegon CC (Mich.) Praised for Quick Response

Muskegon Community College officials praised the response from the school's wrestlers, who police say were secretly videotaped while showering.

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Soft-Drink Contract To Bring UCA Millions

A contract for beverage services at the University of Central Arkansas will bring in about $2.2 million, but some academic faculty want the money to fund academic needs — not athletics.

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It's Time For The NCAA To Make Sweeping Changes

Now that we know that some of the people who prosecute the cheaters in college sports are cheaters themselves, maybe it's time to reexamine the entire enterprise.

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