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Art Directors Make Wager On Louisiana State U-West Virginia U Game

Art museum directors at West Virginia University and LSU have made a friendly wager on the outcome of their schools' upcoming meeting on the football field.

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University of Texas Says It Won’t Sue If A&M Leaves Big 12

The University of Texas told the American-Statesman today that it has no intention of suing the Southeastern Conference or any other athletic conference that admits a departing Big 12 school.

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University of North Carolina Suggests Tweaks For Athletes' Academic Support

A report from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says the school should hire a full-time coordinator to oversee tutors working with student-athletes and also add full-time staffers to work with higher-need students.

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Cut The Cord Between College Football And The NFL (Opinion)

It's time to recognize that Division I college football is really a minor league professional sport and treat it like the pro game it is.

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Miami Hurricanes Football Gets $4.2 Million Gift--Almost 30 Years After Donor's Death

The University of Miami’s athletic program received a $4.2 million donation Thursday, the largest endowment ever for football scholarships at UM.

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Behind the News

Time to Cover Higher Ed Like Sports Teams

Most institutions want spotlight shining on their best efforts

It doesn’t seem like seven months have passed since the Pittsburgh Steelers were parading around Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay with that glistening Super Bowl trophy. Part of the reason is that thanks to the news media, and in particular to 24/7 sports coverage, the National Football League never really leaves the public’s consciousness.

Out of the Gym, onto the Desktop

Online college fairs are the cutting edge in recruiting. Are they right for your institution?

Online college fairs can reach more students than fairs held in the high school gym. The experience offered by the three main vendors varies considerably.

IN THE QUEST TO REACH as many students as possible, admissions officers in higher ed are leaving no pixel unturned.

The Power of the Old Media

How one institution's good news spiked interest in the school

ANY COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY THAT ISN'T WEB 2.0 to its fullest is falling behind. We all know that. Colleges need to be RSSing, Digging, tweeting, blogging, social networking, virtual worlding, podcasting, Flickring, YouTubing, and wikiing. (My apologies for creating new and possibly horrific verbs.)

Power Play

The higher learning of the National Hockey League

AS AMERICAN AS MOM, APPLE pie, and baseball? As futurists, we think this heretofore timeless axiom could use an extreme makeover to better reflect the popular professional sports of our contemporary culture.