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State-of-the-Art Small Animal Hospital Maximizes Learning, Minimizes Waste

AMX in-camera lights and microphones give more students a close-up view of surgery

Veterinary students who once huddled together to observe a surgeon's intricate moves now have another learning option at the University of Florida. There, AMX technology allows students near and far to have a bird's eye view of every small step of a procedure.

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University of Hawaii: Automating the Hawaiian Islands

The University of Hawaii’s Information Technology Center is a new state-of-the-art facility that expands UH IT Services’ capabilities to provide support of IT resources throughout UH’s 10-campus system across six islands from one centralized location. Hawaii’s geography, which includes high mountains and deep ocean channels between islands, has created this unique challenge.

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University of Western Australia: Scalable collaboration space

The “M” block project at the University of Western Australia sought to replace traditional show-and-tell methods of teaching students about cell pathology with practical sessions that would provide and demand a collaborative learning environment to analyze data on real patient blood samples. A 24/7 facility, the project serves as a group study location as well.

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University of Ottawa: Secure law education

The Ian G. Scott Courtroom design infrastructure had many requirements, as it serves the Provincial Government as well as the School of Law at the University of Ottawa. Strict provincial guidelines, security protocols and standards set by the bar, as well as end-users of the space shaped the attributes, capabilities and communication processes in the space.

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University of Minnesota: A.L.I.V.E. for learning

While revising the curriculum for the Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy sought to make a significant pedagogical change. Rather than traditional “sage on the stage” instruction, the new model was created to promote student-created knowledge, with instructors able to direct, coach and expand on learning.

Higher ed institutions use technology to increase collaboration, learning

Higher ed institutions were honored at this year's AMX Innovation Awards during UBTech 2014 in Las Vegas

Cutting-edge higher education institutions across the country are leveraging AV and IT technology to advance the learning experience on their campuses. Five of these institutions were honored at the 2014 AMX Innovation Awards, which were presented this past June at UBTech, higher ed’s leading national technology and leadership conference.

Automate Innovation Series: Automate Efficiency

Technical services can better serve their universities when efficiency is automated

Employing resource management software (RMS) can help higher education institutions maximize A/V, financial, and personnel resources. Additionally, the automation provided by RMS can increase A/V equipment efficiency. This web seminar, originally broadcast on April 9, 2013, was the final in the three-part “Automate Innovation” series and focused on how the University of Minnesota centrally controls its A/V hardware, maximizes sustainability, and improves efficiency through RMS.


University of Ottawa: Making learning more interactive

As more students and faculty started bringing their own digital devices to campus, the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada recognized the need for more interactive learning at the bilingual public research institution. The university responded by employing flipped classrooms, in which the traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed; active learning, in which students read, write, and discuss topics instead of listening to lectures; and specialized spaces, providing educational environments geared toward tech-savvy students and staff.

Texas A&M University: Benefiting from standardization

For Texas A&M University faculty moving from one Liberal Arts and Humanities smart classroom to another, there is no learning curve. That’s because classrooms and conference rooms in the department have standardized equipment. The College Station, Texas, university’s Instructional Media Services Department installed an AMX controller and touch panel in every room, a move that keeps the comfort level high for instructors.

Queensland University of Technology: Creating The Cube

The focal point of Queensland University of Technology’s brilliant new Science and Engineering Centre is known as The Cube—part science lab, part digital engagement, and the hub of scientific exploration for the Australian university's community, as well as high school students and the public at large.