Sacred Spaces

Special places can serve as cornerstones for building lifelong connections

In our current economic environment, critical funding for an array of essential entities and institutions has dried up, leaving a momentous gap between budget needs and realities. Universities are certainly no exception to this phenomenon. Even Harvard is feeling the pinch. The university had reported a 30 percent decline in its endowment for the fiscal year ending June 2009.

So the question presents itself: What can universities do to throw out a larger net and create a new class and type of donor? The short answer: sacred spaces.

Charitable Gift Annuities: Time for a Closer Look

Reinsurance arrangements and how they can make planned-giving programs work

The economic crisis has dominated the headlines since September 2008 and taken its toll on individuals and institutions alike. Few have been immune to the effects of a volatile stock market, low interest rates, rising unemployment, tight credit markets, and plunging real estate values.

When Is a College Not a College?


THAT HEADLINE ISN’T A RIDDLE. Maybe a better question is, should there be guidelines as to what the word “college” means?

Tossing Out the Baby with the Bathwater

Today's institutional choices and their influence on tomorrow

The Best Thing We Can Do to Thank Returning Vets

The global war on terror has had a direct or indirect impact on countless servicemen and women and their families. Thousands of our finest soldiers have made very significant sacrifices in their service to our country.

Development Directors Speak Out

How four campus leaders are helping to foster giving, from developing strong donor relations to encouraging alumni involvement