Thwarting ID Thieves

What most colleges and universities aren't doing to avoid identity theft and fraud--but should be.

American colleges and universities are breeding grounds for innovative ideas and open information sharing. Pair that with a large number of systems on a given network and a vulnerable student population with fresh credit and you've got an appealing target for identity thieves.

A new role for old college towns?

Chautauqua could be an idea whose time has come...again

Have you heard about the high school kid who was so adept at playing video games that he won an athletic scholarship to an online university? Beneath the laugh at today’s virtual world is a less exaggerated but more sober reality. The growth of distance learning, with for-credit courses and online degrees from both campus-based and online schools, promises to challenge the economies of college towns and university neighborhoods everywhere.

Location, variety take priority in meal planning

How savvy administrators make strategic decisions about the whole campus dining experience—because meal planning isn’t just about the food

Only one-third of 3,400 U.S. college students say they’re satisfied with their meal plans, found a survey by food industry research firm Technomic. But schools are finding that to address the problem, they need to go beyond simply improving what winds up on diners’ plates.

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Columbia MBA alumni pledge $40 million for new campus

Two alumni of Columbia Business School, Arthur Samberg and Mario Gabelli, have pledged a combined $40 million toward construction of the school’s new West Harlem campus.

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Bill O'Reilly: A wrong against the right

Once again, graduation time is upon us, and a new study by the Los Angeles Times says plenty about the state of higher education in America. The paper looked at the invited commencement speakers for 150 colleges and universities. There are just four conservative speakers, as opposed to at least 69 liberal speakers.

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Creating a Holistic Shopping Cart Experience for Online Donors

With close to 5,000 potential Michigan State University gift allocations, many donors were already completing a transaction and then going right back in and shopping again. So imagine what MSU could gain by offering donors a single shopping cart through which they could make multiple donations.

The Giving Cart

Creating a shopping cart experience for online donor transactions

The idea was simple: Let online donors make multiple gifts with a single checkout. Not long after Randy Brown joined the Michigan State University advancement team as webmaster in 1999, he got assigned this task, which was anything but simple to execute.

“That was sort of his night job,” says Bob Thomas, assistant vice president for advancement marketing and communications. “It was kind of a running joke. We’d talk about it at annual planning meetings.” One year, someone even presented a mini shopping cart at the meeting to Brown as a tangible reminder.

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College Degree Required by Increasing Number of Companies

It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk

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Pressure Builds For Schools To Help Grads Get Jobs

Most universities are spending less, not more, on their career centers.

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Debt, Job Market Make Financial Challenge After Graduation

With students carrying upwards of $40,000 in loans, and starting salaries typically at $25,000, aviation faculty make sure students — particularly prospective ones — realize this financial situation ahead of graduation, said Ken Polovitz, assistant dean of the aviation department.

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