When Is a College Not a College?


THAT HEADLINE ISN’T A RIDDLE. Maybe a better question is, should there be guidelines as to what the word “college” means?

Time to Cover Higher Ed Like Sports Teams

Most institutions want spotlight shining on their best efforts

It doesn’t seem like seven months have passed since the Pittsburgh Steelers were parading around Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay with that glistening Super Bowl trophy. Part of the reason is that thanks to the news media, and in particular to 24/7 sports coverage, the National Football League never really leaves the public’s consciousness.

The Art of Getting Press Coverage

Just as increased competition exists in the global business environment, so too is it present in the university marketplace. Universities compete for donations, grants, and endowments as well as the best students, professors, and staff. As such, the more positive press coverage an institution gets, the greater the likelihood it will be successful in achieving its overall growth goals.

Why? Because positive press comes from the decision a university makes to address these key areas:

Managing Environmental Compliance Can Be Easy — With the Right Tool

Customized software supports reputation management, maintains compliance, and aids in resource allocation

Reputation management is of utmost importance to colleges and universities in their constant pursuit of students and research dollars. It envelops all aspects of the institution, including the business of maintaining environmental compliance. One notice of violation from a regulatory entity can be highly publicized, result in fines, and have widespread negative impacts both within and outside the institution.

Achieving the Turnaround: From Strategy to Action


Restoring Ohio's Heritage in Higher Education

Journey to a world-class education system

THE EROSION WAS SO gradual that many of us failed to notice until great damage had already been done.

Strategic Differentiation

Part one of a two-part column on institutional competition

A DEFINITION OF STRATEGY that centers around the idea of “more”—we will serve more students, offer more programs, and be in more places—is highly likely to fail. Dollars are finite, so doing more will actually decrease quality because tight resources are spread even more thinly.

Star Schools of Education

Launching pads for tomorrow's educators

Coming to a College Near You

You may have heard that the most popular show in the world during the 1990s was the bathing-beauty vehicle "Baywatch," but the current leader may come as a surprise. One study of ratings put "CSI: Miami" ahead of all other shows on the planet, beating telenovelas in Spanish and other shows that are more popular in the United States. Perhaps "CSI: Miami" does the best job of meeting an international demand for sunshine, suspense, and escapism (with a dash of bathing beauties). For whatever reason, it directs a lot of attention to our hometown, or at least Hollywood's depiction of it.

Ode to the Modern Mariner

Sailing the seven seas of U.S. maritime education