Academic Leadership

America's College Education Problem (Blog)

Today’s Washington Post has two troubling stories that touch on the future of American competitiveness. One story covers a new Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report showing that the United States is falling in the global ranking of young adults who finish college. The other story is that defaults on federal student loans have jumped.

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Reinventing California's Higher Education System (Opinion)

It's time to think big and re-imagine California's public college and university system, which has barely changed in five decades.

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University of California Investing Millions In New Cyber Studies Program

The University of California will unveil its first top-tier cyber courses in January - 26 online offerings, from global climate change to game theory. At the same time, it's eyeing China and even American soldiers as potential sources of cash to pay for them.

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Strategic Snapshots

Bill Cooper of Stanford University and Jack D. Zencheck of Yeshiva University (N.Y.), who serve on E&I Cooperative Purchasing's strategic sourcing committee, offer these examples of how their more strategic ideas and actions are paying off for their institutions:

Upper Peninsula Schools Aim For Success In Reverse

Six colleges and universities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula have forged a formal agreement to help students get a degree in reverse.

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Their Opinion: Stop The Minnesota State College and University System Executive Bonus Train

It recently was reported the erstwhile Minnesota State College and University System chancellor was getting a $50,000 bonus for work he did in his final year as the head of the system. That was the maximum that could be given under his contract.

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Report: U of Wisconsin System Should Give More Power To Campuses To Compensate For Budget Cuts

UW System administration should relax its grip on the 26 University of Wisconsin campuses and give individual chancellors more authority, according to a new report.

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New Higher Education Leaders, New Cooperative Spirit

The politics of money makes surprising bedfellows in Minnesota’s higher education community.

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University Of Utah Taps Michigan Expert To Guide Discoveries To Market

The University of Utah has hired a Michigan State University professor of political economy to lead the office that manages the U.’s intellectual property.

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Creating a Community of Leadership

Lessons learned from managing an academic leadership development program

As universities push to support interdisciplinary education and research initiatives, a crucial ingredient is faculty collaboration across disciplinary and departmental lines. True collaboration—where faculty grasp the institutional “greater whole” that clearly values individual faculty contributions yet still transcends the sum of the faculty “parts”—is difficult to achieve.