Academic Leadership

Ivy Tech Community College Selects Pearson’s Propero to Expand Access to Learning

Pearson today launched Propero, a higher education service designed to increase affordable access to higher education, and announced that Ivy Tech Community College will be using Propero to expand its degree completion options.

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BBVA Compass Expands Leadership Training Partnership with eCornell

Commercial banking giant renews agreement with eCornell to deliver online professional development programs for high-potential employees.

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Will New Funding Rules Improve Dismal University Graduation Rates?

So many students will graduate from Slippery Rock University this spring that administrators have had to limit the number of guests each one can invite.

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People Watch

Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim has been named president of the World Bank, effective in June. Kim’s career has been devoted to improving the lives of people in developing countries and championing the cause of global health, which aligns with the World Bank’s mission to reduce poverty and support development, serving as a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries across the globe.

Characteristics of a Top Notch Financial Aid Director

Six key elements to seek when filling this role

Today’s financial aid director wears many hats: counselor, manager of budgets, supervisor, implementer of regulations, and keeper of data, to name a few. As the role of financial aid director has become increasingly complex and challenging, so has filling this position. A job posting could read something like a hybrid circus performer: juggler/tight-rope walker/magician with excellent communication, supervisory and financial management skills, and at least five years of experience in financial aid.

Employee Evaluations

Recognizing and rewarding top faculty and staff performers

How much are your employees worth? The struggling economy has prompted many institutions to make serious changes in how staff and faculty are evaluated. While politicians claim education is the key to attracting quality jobs, millions of dollars have been slashed from higher education appropriations. Every budget dollar spent must be justified more than ever. Campus leaders have begun scrutinizing employee performance, and at some institutions uniform salary increases have been replaced with thorough evaluations that link pay to job performance.

Response to the Challenge

Preserving the institution and achieving its mission despite the new economic “normal”

I brought my hard hat when I arrived in Terre Haute, Indiana, to begin my freshman year at Indiana State University nearly 50 years ago. I had worked for two years as a steelworker in Gary and the hard hat was a reminder of my roots—I am one of 10 children of parents of modest means—and of the hardy people who made a decent and honorable living operating blast furnaces that transformed molten iron. It also was a reminder of the great new journey I was embarking upon.

Transforming Community College System Key to U.S. Competitiveness

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) released a report that calls for dramatic changes to America's community colleges to ensure U.S. competitiveness. The report outlines seven specific recommendations for reforming the country's community college system in its new report, Reclaiming the American Dream: A Report from the 21st-Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges.

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Mesa's Education Strategy Paying Off

It was a perfect fit. A sprawling Southwestern city that came of age too late to benefit from earlier generations of college-building in America was looking to fill the gap.

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