Academic Leadership

Turnitin Adds Voice Comments to GradeMark for Faster Grading and More Substantive Feedback on Student Writing

Turnitin, the global leader in originality checking and online grading, today announced the release of Voice Comments, a simple and efficient way for instructors to offer feedback on student writing.

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NH Colleges Commit To Increasing High-Tech Grads

New Hampshire's community colleges and four-year campuses are working together to turn out more high-tech graduates, promising to double the number in the next 13 years.

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Police Want Wider Probe Into Academic Fraud At U Of North Carolina

A prosecutor and university police have asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look into a program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in which a school review already has found academic fraud.

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Judge Sides With Georgia State U On Copyright Fight

A federal judge sided with Georgia State University on a range of copyright infringement claims filed by three publishing houses in a ruling that administrators said could set an important precedent for how educational data is used by schools.

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Turnitin Study Reveals 10 Most Frequent and Problematic Types of Plagiarism in Student Writing

Turnitin, the global leader in originality checking and plagiarism prevention, today announced the results of a new survey of nearly 900 instructors that classifies the most frequent and troubling forms of plagiarism. According to instructors, blatant plagiarism—submitting another’s writing word-for-word as one’s own—is the most prevalent and troublesome type of plagiarism seen in the classroom.

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New Ranking of National Higher Ed Systems

United States out on top

Higher education is a dynamo for economic growth, powering the supply of high-level skills and the technological advances for improving productivity and opening up new markets. Where higher ed flourishes, so can an economy.

Law School Plans to Offer Web Courses for Master’s

The law school of Washington University announced Tuesday that it would offer, entirely online, a master’s degree in United States law intended for lawyers practicing overseas, in partnership with 2tor, an education technology company.

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