Academic Leadership

Aligning Higher Education Outcomes With Job Availability

For all their differences, both President Obama and Republican Senator Marco Rubio agreed on one thing Tuesday night: the growth of the middle class and economic recovery in this country are intrinsically linked, and higher education and job training offer the keys to the middle class.

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Community College Professor Partners on Campus Bullying Research

New research on bullying at work on campus was conducted by Leah P. Hollis, president and lead consultant at diversity training and consulting group Patricia Berkly LLC with help from Clara Wajngurt, a professor of mathematics and computer science at Queensborough Community College, City University of New York.

Moody's Is Right, and Wrong About Higher Education

This January, Moody's Investors Service issued a negative outlook for the nation's colleges and universities for the fifth straight year.

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Only Radical Thinking Will Make University Education Affordable

The cost of getting a college degree is no longer affordable to most young people and more Universities are looking at blended learning as one possible solution.

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Bucknell Gets $10 Million Gift Despite SAT Scandal

A central Pennsylvania college that recently acknowledged inflating students' SAT scores has received a $10 million gift.

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A Degree from Where? Why Your College Could Go Bankrupt

As the higher education system in the U.S. faces rising costs and reduced state funding, many are asking what will colleges of the future look like?

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Great Teachers Can't Save America's Schools

In last year's State of the Union address, the president placed too much importance on individual educators. This year, he should talk about a far deeper problem.

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