Academic Leadership

The Achieve Degree: Meeting the Needs of Students with Autism

As a consultant to schools on programming for students with autism, I’m used to proposing ideas and hearing, “Sounds great, but sorry, we can’t do that.” Good intentions sometimes can’t overcome limitations in resources. But when I proposed the development of a bachelor’s degree designed to meet the specific needs of students with autism to The Sage Colleges (N.Y.), the response was very different. From the president on down, the prevailing attitude was, “How can we make this happen?”

More STEM Degrees May Not Equal More Jobs

As STEM has become an education buzzword in recent years, a steady stream of research has emerged that challenges the notion of STEM as an economic elixir. In some STEM careers, the employment picture is downright lousy.

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Regents To Advance South Texas Medical School Plan

Now that plans for a medical school in Austin seem to be on track, University of Texas System officials are increasingly turning their attention to South Texas.

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Rutgers Joins Big Ten's Academic Arm

Two weeks after its athletic teams joined the Big Ten, Rutgers University has accepted an invitation to join the sports conference's academic arm.

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U Of Central Arkansas Internal Audit Finds 'Fraudulent Behavior'

Officials at the University of Central Arkansas may have played favorites — including renewing a scholarship worth thousands for a student who might not be qualified — and turned a blind eye to questioning then Chief of Staff Jack Gillean about his missing key.

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CourseTalk Launches A Yelp For Open Online Courses And What This Means For Higher Education

One of the most popular topics in education technology these days is the subject of MOOCs, otherwise known as “Massive Open Online Courses.”

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A School Where Courses Are Designed by Business

Pearson College, the newest institution of higher education in Britain, does not have ancient ivy-covered buildings or a grassy quadrangle where students can while away the hours debating whether Plato or Aristotle came closer to the truth.

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Partnership Enhances Education (Opinion)

It’s always heartening to learn of examples of academic cooperation involving South Sound’s three homes to higher education – South Puget Sound Community College, Saint Martin’s University and The Evergreen State College.

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North Dakota University System Seeks $84 Million Budget Increase

Chancellor Hamid Shirvani said increase is needed to keep up with increasing costs and to support the “big agenda” of the system and the state’s 11 public colleges and universities.

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