Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program, was established in spring 2012 to address the changes in government funding and administration of federal student aid programs. Inceptia’s goal is to achieve 100 percent repayment among student borrowers by working alongside higher education institutions. Inceptia provides tools and resources to help schools and their students—not just borrowers—become financially responsible adults.

Reducing Cohort Default Rates Through Outreach and Education

A detailed plan is necessary for identifying and helping students at risk of loan default

Student loan default can affect an entire campus, as high default rates negatively impact an institution’s federal funding. Therefore, it is essential to keep cohort default rates as low as possible. The right education and communication strategies can help borrowers gain the financial skills necessary to avoid default. This web seminar, originally broadcast on February 25, 2014, featured a financial aid director, who discussed how her institution overhauled student borrower outreach with the help of the right vendor partner.

Montana college students earning financial education online

Nonprofit organization uses Financial Avenue from Inceptia on multiple campuses

At colleges across Montana, the nonprofit Student Assistance Foundation (SAF) provides students with the knowledge and tools to pursue and fund their postsecondary education. Using proceeds from its student loan servicing business and from its own fundraising efforts, the Helena-based organization offers grants, scholarships, community outreach, counseling, and training on financial education.

Tennessee school pays it forward with money management program for undergrads

Loan defaults decrease at Tusculum College through implementation of Inceptia’s student success analysis

In the world of federal student loan repayment, graduates have the upper hand. So do young adults well-schooled in the ways of money management.

Tusculum College in Tennessee understands that, particularly since working with the experts at Inceptia—leaders in financial education, default aversion and financial aid management services. Inceptia’s mission is to increase the financial aptitude of students, improve graduation rates and provide financial education and financial aid management services. Inceptia’s goal: 100 percent repayment of federal student loans.