Solution Showcase

In Solution Showcase, University Business spotlights innovative solutions from leading higher education vendors via product demo videos.


EMPOWER Student Information System is a robust and fully integrated SIS that helps you effectively manage your student data and streamline your administrative processes. With EMPOWER there are no surprises with cost or implementation. Learn how EMPOWER’s proven implementation process makes changing your SIS easier than you think!

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Axiom EPM delivers a single, integrated platform to finance teams, enabling a streamlined and flexible budgeting and planning solution. It delivers robust reporting to support data-based decision making in key areas like forecasting and capital, student aid and grant planning with a rich visual layer to quickly identify key trends.

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Do you have standard room configurations on your campus? AMX’s Rapid Project Maker (RPM), a Cloud-based configuration tool, removes programming from most classroom and lecture environments. Need to change a device in a room? With RPM there is no need to call a 3rd party programmer to make the change.

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