Readers' Choice Top Products


Company Intellidemia

Concourse is an online platform that allows users to organize, share and analyze higher ed course syllabi. Students can preview course objectives and requirements before they register. Instructors can instantly update assignments online and notify students via email and social media.

Reader Testimony: “This syllabus management system has dramatically increased our productivity as well as our ability to manage syllabus workflow within our university. Our business-type model takes advantage of templatizing syllabi, and we are able to track and maintain changes made to our syllabi over time.” —Mike Wilday, instructional technology lead, Azusa Pacific Online University, Calif. Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Enrollment Rx

Company Enrollment Rx

Colleges and universities can use Enrollment Rx to manage marketing, recruitment, admissions and enrollment processes. The cloud-based CRM automates enrollment workflow and allows administrators to measure marketing, recruitment and admissions through dashboards, reports and analytics.

Reader Testimony: “The Enrollment Rx CRM will enable our admission department to work more effectively and efficiently to recruit students into our university. With streamlined functionality, the CRM will improve our ability to communicate with students and potentially target specific customer groups for enhanced communication.” —Tammi Burkhardt, project manager/business analyst, Marylhurst University, Ore. Enrollment Management Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

TargetX CRM

Company Target X

TargetX’s student recruitment manager is a CRM tool that helps colleges manage, integrate, and automate the process of student recruitment—from the first point of contact through enrollment. It allows for two-way data exchange with student information systems. It also includes an online app, a campus visit scheduler and email, broadcasting and online chat tools.

Recruitment Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Stellar Planetarium Auditorium Seat

Company American Seating

This seat, made for large auditoriums, has a headrest and an embossed, steel seat pan with three-inch molded polyurethane foam and serpentine springs that creates a comfortable, shift-resistant seat cushion. Two independent, fully operational hinge mechanisms guarantee consistent, safe folding, without adjustment.

Campus Construction Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Panopto Focus

Company Panopto

This lecture capture software simultaneously records and synchronizes video, audio, slides, document cameras, screen capture and electronic whiteboard content. Users can record formal lectures, campus events, classroom activities and informal presentations. The Panopto recorder runs on any laptop, as well as on many mobile devices.

Reader Testimony: “Bringing recording capability to 200 classrooms at Creighton University, Panopto has given us the ability to provide an easy to use and flexible lecture capture solution to professors and students campuswide. Also, we can record outside the classroom. This is a huge advantage, as professors can record video and connect with students from any location.” —Brent Saltzman, application administrator, division of information technology, Creighton University, Neb. Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CR Series LED Troffers

Company Cree, Inc.

These light fixtures deliver up to 5,000 lumens of light while achieving up to 130 lumens per watt. Using thermal management, the CR Series fixtures are available in a variety of color temperatures and have step, 0-10V or Lutron EcoSystem Enabled dimming options. Their compact, lightweight design accommodates recessed, surface mount or suspended installations.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Parchment

With this web-based solution, higher ed institutions can request, receive, send, and analyze electronic student transcripts. The admissions department can track students through the application process and receive leads on students who meet a school’s key profile. Administrators can get transcripts in the format they prefer, regardless of how the sender chooses to send it.

Enrollment Management Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Utelogy Corporation

The Utelogy software solution controls and manages AV systems, video conferencing and any other applications in a classroom, academic building or entire campus. Its management and monitoring system reduces downtime, and online access gives administrators the ability to address issues and updates remotely.

Reader Testimony: “This application provides faculty and staff a dashboard interface to use, instead of a physical button. Utelogy is a flexible, software solution for the control and management of our AV systems, video conferencing or any application where you need an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and easy-to-support technology.” —Richard Avila, director of data center operations, California State University, East Bay Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

e2campus Software

Company Omnilert

This cloud-based, emergency alert system allows users to manage time-sensitive communications to students, faculty, staff, campus security, first responders, visitors and others. Alerts can be sent via text message, voicemail, desktop alerts, email and websites. Messages also can be transmitted through digital signage and PA systems, and posted on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Security Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

WebEx Software

Company Cisco

Webex online virtual meeting software allows students and faculty across an institution—or halfway across the planet—to meet online and share files, information and expertise. Users can show others anything on their computer, including files, apps or a whole desktop. WebEx mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Nuventive

This accreditation management software organizes and helps schools create presentations to show they are meeting standards. The software can pull in data on learning outcomes and other documentation that show an institution is making continuous improvement. Insight has the ability to export reports that may be self-contained for distribution on CD, flash drive or electronically.

Operational Efficiencies Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Apple

Developed with education in mind, the iPad and its apps, such as iTunes U, provide students with a portable multimedia library. In iBooks, students can access an interactive dictionary or flip through textbooks, photo galleries and 3D images via touchscreen. Thousands of additional educational apps can be downloaded and used in the classroom and be used to communicate with a school’s community.

Reader Testimony: “The iPad is so easy to travel with and makes email easily accessible when on the road. But the real top benefit for me is that I have a photo campus tour installed on the iPad that allows me to share all the new buildings and pictures of students with alumni and friends, no matter where I travel. They love being able to hold the iPad in their hands to see what is happening on our campus.” —Linda Schaub, executive director of development, Spring Arbor University, Mich. Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Get it Now

Company Copyright Clearance Center

Get It Now from Copyright Clearance Center complements a school’s interlibrary loan services by immediately fulfilling patrons’ requests for full-text articles from unsubscribed journals. Instead of requiring patrons to navigate between multiple publisher websites—each with different access, payment and invoice methods—Get It Now fulfills content requests through a single centralized service.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company LiveText

The LiveText assessment solution analyzes student learning outcomes and college program accreditation. Administrators can access data reports with aggregated summaries as well as drill downs for detailed analysis. LiveText can report annually or by term on outcomes and goals for departments, programs, majors and both academic and nonacademic divisions.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Text Message CRM

Company Mobile Commons

This software allows institutions to bring/integrate mobile devices into their communications efforts. Mobile Commons accesses user data—such as email and addresses—from a school’s CRM so administrators can run far-ranging text messaging campaigns from one dashboard. Text-message alerts for events and breaking news can be sent to an entire community or to specified groups.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Saba Classroom

Company Saba

Instructors can record and publish courses for on-demand use with this classroom management software. They also can poll students and track their progress. Interactive features allow students to chat and work in smaller groups. Centrally stored in the cloud, classes are accessible anytime.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Tuition Refund Insurance

Company Sallie Mae

Tuition Refund insurance helps protect a student’s higher education invest-ment if he or she is forced to withdraw from school for covered medical reasons, such as injury, illness, or a mental health condition. Along with the Student Protection Plan, the insurance covers the costs that may not be refunded by an institution, including tuition, academic fees, room and board, books and other eligible education expenses.

Tuition Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Qualtrics Research Suite

Company Qualtrics

Users have more than 100 question types to choose from when designing surveys with this online service. Users can design their own layouts and embed rich media, such as video and images. Questions can either be pulled from professionally designed surveys or an institution can create its own library of questions, messages and media.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company MindMixer

This online engagement platform aims to spark collaborative conversations within a higher ed community. Administrators can post a challenge that the institution is facing, such as how to improve sustainability, and let the community help find solutions. Administrators can also post polls and surveys to gauge community interest and sentiment about a particular issue.

Operational Efficiencies Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Cascade Server

Company Hannon Hill

The Cascade Server web content management system is designed to help administrators maintain the back end of websites efficiently and reliably. It also can integrate with social media to streamline a school’s web marketing efforts. Web managers can create and maintain mobile sites in the Cascade Server.

Reader Testimony: “Cascade Server’s cloud solution has enabled our university to focus more time and resources on actually supporting our end users (around 300) and less on the system maintenance itself. Of the enterprise CMS systems I have worked with, Cascade Server is by far the most conducive to the needs of our university’s end users and administrators.” —Berta Roebuck, web developer, University of San Diego, Calif. Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Amazon

The Amazon Kindle is a wireless e-book reader that enable users to shop for, download, browse and read e-books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media. Users can find definitions by placing their cursor over words. Notes and highlights can be shared on social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company iGrad

The iGrad Financial Literacy Platform’s interactive instruction, articles, videos and games are designed to prepare students to make financially sound post-graduation decisions. The platform can be tailored to individual students, and also includes optional federal student loan entrance and exit counseling.

Reader Testimony: “With the use of iGrad, our new online financial literacy program, we are able to educate our students on over-borrowing, default, credit card debt, and the advantages of building a good credit history. We are able to reach our students in the early stages of acceptance, and are able to offer this product to our alumni. This has been a great product, and has only enhanced our efforts on educating our students.” —Kathi Tavares, director of billing and collections, Johnson and Wales University, R.I. Financial Aid Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

WorldShare Management Services

Company OCLC

WorldShare provides higher ed libraries with an online platform that streamlines acquisitions, circulation, license management and metadata management workflows by allowing staff to collaborate in the cloud. Its single, web-based interface allows staff to manage both electronic and print collections.

Libraries Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Tegrity Campus

Company McGraw-Hill

Tegrity Campus is a fully automated lecture capture solution appropriate for traditional, hybrid and flipped classes. It can be used in online courses to record lessons and lectures, as well. The interface allows for customization of a logo, color scheme, text and images to accurately represent an institution’s brand.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

In Case of Crisis

Company In Case of Crisis

This emergency management solution’s online dashboard lets organizations send emergency instructions to smartphones and tablets. In Case of Crisis can post emergency information with features such as maps, diagrams, push notifications and one-tap calling.

Security Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Enterasys Networks (now a part of Extreme Networks)

Enterasys NetSight provides centralized visibility and control of an institution’s network resources, including switchers, routers and wireless hardware. It simplifies troubleshooting, help desk support tasks, problem solving and reporting. Management can be accessed from popular mobile devices.

Internet, Enterprise Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

OU Campus

Company OmniUpdate

This web content management system for higher education provides web administrators with a personal dashboard to manage their pages and monitor projects. OU Campus can be used to manage a school’s mobile site, course catalog, calendar and faculty directory. Users can integrate their individual pages with social media channels and create photo galleries.

Reader Testimony: “OU Campus was integral to the success of our recent web redevelopment project. Our public website was completely redone - new design, new architecture, new functionality - and the OU Campus CMS was the foundational product for all of these changes.” —John Richardson, supervisor of web development and social media, Oklahoma City Community College Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

2 GB Echo Smartpen

Company Livescribe

This smartpen can record everything the user writes, hears or says. It can replay audio from meetings or lectures simply by a user tapping his notes. Notes and audio also can be transferred to a computer via USB cable. Notes and audio recordings can then be shared as a PDF or audio file via email, Facebook and apps such as Evernote.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company LCMS+

The LCMS+ learning management system is designed for health-care programs in higher education. It offers an individually customized schedule for students that uniquely fits the complex environment of health-care education. Other features include online evaluations, exams, patient encounter tracking and clinical skills assessment.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company IMLeagues

Campus administrators can use this free sports website to run intramural leagues. Schools can start a league, post online sign-up, schedule games, track players and statistics and send mass notifications on cancellations, among other features. Leagues can be managed an from internet-connected computer or device.

Campus Life Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company ScheduleSource

This workforce management application designed for higher ed can scale to support schools of all sizes. TeamWork is cloud-based, with both desktop and mobile access. Features include an employee scheduler, shift rotation management, attendance and leave management, payroll support, and employee collaboration tools such as messaging and calendaring.

Reader Testimony: “In the past 12 months, Iowa State University has made major changes to our dining student staffing department, due to the implementation of an onboarding and scheduling program developed by ScheduleSource TeamWork. We have changed for the better to a more organized, real-time, and efficient way to continually maintain a staff of over 1,600 student workers.” —Diane Schmidt, dining student staffing office assistant manager, Iowa State University Operational Efficiencies Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Connect CRM

Company Hobsons

The Connect CRM allows institutions to operate their entire admissions communications plan in one program. Using a mix of personalization and multichannel communication options, Connect helps admissions offices diversify their relationship management strategies through a variety of features, such as social media and email.

Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CrashPlan PROe

Company Code42

A data backup system, CrashPlan PROe has no storage limits on backups and data can be stored in a public or private cloud. Using a single dashboard console, administrators can manage data backup for any number of users. CrashPlan PROe can also be operated via a mobile app, available for any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Kindle device.

Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Edvance360

This learning management system includes a secure social network that enables colleges to build relationships with prospective and current students, and also stay connected with alumni after graduation. Easy-to-use design tools also allow instructors and curriculum designers to create lessons, manage lessons and track students’ progress throughout a course.

Reader Testimony: “Edvance360 gives us huge bang for our buck. We used to use a much more expensive product with very little support. Everything was an add-on. Edvance360 anticipates and accommodates their customers’ needs. The product runs so flawlessly I have been able to use the time (and training) we used to take on support of the other product and use it to concentrate on other IT projects.” —Valerie Stephens, CIO, Carson-Newman University, Tenn. Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Policy Manager

Company SOA Software

SOA Software’s Policy Manager makes applying service-oriented architecture governance easy by automating critical set-up and operations tasks. Policy Manager provides comprehensive tools for all the different roles in the organization, including service developer, consumer developer, architect, business stakeholder, IT operations and security operations. It uses a role-based security model that helps protect sensitive information.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Call-Em-All

Call-Em-All’s automated messaging service allows users to automatically send voice and text messages—such as announcements or emergency alerts. Administrators can send messages to designated groups or to all contacts. Messages can be scheduled ahead of time or transmitted immediately.

Reader Testimony: “This product has enabled many programs at our college to be able to contact students more efficiently. It cuts the time to complete this task drastically, giving us the option to set a date and time for the broadcasts to be sent out, plus giving a report of how many calls were live, went to voicemail or were not answered.” —Reyna Moreno, advising specialist, West Hills College, Calif. Campus Life Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

AV Bridge

Company Vaddio

The AV Bridge integrates soft codecs, such as Skype, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, and others, into traditional AV designs. The AV Bridge provides the USB connection to its AV system for classrooms using video calls or lecture capture. The AV Bridge can support a wide variety of video and audio platforms, including HD and HDMI.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

E-Commerce Suite

Company TouchNet

This software helps higher ed institutions streamline business processes and protect sensitive payment data. TouchNet can work with a campus’ various payment vendors to create interfaces that secure payment processing. With the U.Commerce dashboard, business managers can get a daily snapshot of business volumes and drill-down to single transactions.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CS6 Master Collection

Company Adobe

This design software can be used to retouch images, create 3D artwork and edit video clips, as well as create robust, engaging web and mobile sites, with support for the latest advancements in HTML5 and CSS3. Designs function on iOS, Android and other popular platforms, and can adapt to virtually all screen sizes and form factors.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Guidebook

This mobile app creates school guidebooks for current students, prospective students and faculty. Schools can customize the app and use it to post up-to-date event information, schedules, maps, news, athletic calendars and directories. Guidebook can be used on both Apple and Android devices.

Campus Life Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Halogen Software

Halogen’s eAppraisal software automates, simplifies and streamlines the entire employee performance evaluation process. It lets administrators create strategic initiatives across all talent management programs, including recruiting, onboarding, performance appraisals, competency assessments, succession planning and compensation management.

Human Resources Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Default Prevention Outreach

Company Inceptia

This program provides student borrowers with one-on-one counseling to help them resolve their delinquency and get back on track for repayment. Services are provided until all accounts are either resolved or the account is defaulted. Inceptia also helps schools determine which accounts to focus on, and only works accounts that will have an impact on open cohort years, unless requested otherwise.

Reader Testimony: “As a large public institution, we do not have the staff available to reach out to students who are delinquent on their federal loans. Inceptia is able to reach these students during the day, evening or weekend, and counsel them effectively about the deferment, repayment and forbearance options available. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of delinquencies of our students in repayment.” —Aileen Morrissey, director, financial aid services, Daytona State College, Fla. Honorable Mention:
Financial Avenue
Financial Aid Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Techsmith

This screen recording software helps users create professional videos. Camtasia can record on-screen activity, such as PowerPoint presentations or video lectures, and then be used to customize and edit the recordings. Users can also add interactive elements, like animations, and share videos with anyone, on nearly any device.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Instructure

This LMS platform includes analytics that provide statistics for students, academic courses, and schools. Canvas’ speed grader allows professors to quickly grade student work and provide personalized feedback. Users can receive course updates by email, text message and Facebook.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Salesforce CRM

Company Salesforce Foundation

This CRM solution includes campaign management, real-time analytics, web portals, team collaboration, mobile access and the ability to build custom applications without having to code. Schools can also sync together information from other SIS, LMS and back-end systems.

Reader Testimony: “Salesforce has enabled a culture shift at Wayne State that has broken down silos between departments, has streamlined our communications processes, and allowed us to document customer service inquiries and use data from those inquiries for continuous improvement. We have seen a significant reduction across our enrollment management division on inquiries due to student confusion or uncertainty, and we have seen a double-digit increase in responses to our customer service survey.” —Kathleen Lueckeman, senior director of CRM and graduate admissions director, Wayne State University, Mich. Enrollment Management Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Digital Revolutions

This software provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows administrators to collect and review student data. With C3M, administrators can gauge students’ development by tracking contacts with office staff, electronic counseling notes, library and lab usage, events attended and email communications.

Reader Testimony: “We are using the C3M Contact Manager to track our contact with students, alumni, employers and faculty. This product is easy to use and has been an excellent way to maintain records and share information not only within our office but with our administrators who want numbers. It makes everything a lot easier for our staff.” —Xuchitl Coso, director of career development, Florida Southern College Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Interactive Campus Maps

Company nuCloud

nuCloud software creates interactive campus maps online. Mobile friendly, it allows administrators to add “flag stops,” to which videos, pictures, descriptions and/or audio can be added. This provides users with more information about specific campus locations. User activity can be tracked through Google Analytics.

Marketing Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Transactional Email Delivery Service

Company SendGrid

Institutions can drive engagement with email subscribers through this cloud-based delivery platform. The SendGrid platform includes shared or dedicated IP addresses, email authentication, ISP feedback loop and outbound spam monitoring. Its analytics can track email requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, unsubscribes and category tracking.

Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Technolutions

With this software solution, admissions offices no longer have to rely on multiple systems and vendors. Slate allows administrators to manage the whole admissions cycle, from outreach communications to event registration, from campus visits to online applications and decision making, through one system.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Enterprise DLP Suite

Company Identity Finder

This software discovers, classifies and consolidates sensitive data anywhere it is stored within an institution’s enterprise. Unstructured data in any file type can be searched for and stored locally or remotely on servers and desktops running Windows, Mac and Linux. Results can be aggregated across the entire enterprise into one central dashboard and reporting engine.

Reader Testimony: “Identity Finder’s DLP Suite has helped automate many of the components of Penn State’s Data Loss Prevention program. The software allows us to discover sensitive data that is unprotected, as well as empower our faculty and staff to take the correct steps in the securing and remediation of that data. We have also found it to be a great tool for e-discovery and data mining purposes.” —Mike Thompson, systems and network security analyst, The Pennsylvania State University Enterprise Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

SmartBelly Recycler Double Station

Company Big Belly Solar

SmartBelly, an intelligent waste and recycling collection system, lets customers use real-time data to drive operational decisions. From any computer or smartphone, a school’s maintenance department can see the entire portfolio of waste and recycling stations and determine if collection is needed and if waste was picked up in a timely manner. The enclosed design keeps animals out and odors in.

Sustainability Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Prezi, Inc.

This online zooming presentation software is used instead of traditional slides to help people explore ideas, collaborate more effectively, and create visually dynamic presentations. Users can choose from many reusable templates and can add pre-made content from other prezis or applications. Prezi can be used from desktops, internet browsers, iPads or iPhones.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

SummitStack Switches

Company Extreme Networks

This hardware solution allows multiple physical switches to be connected and managed as a single unit with a single IP address. Summit switches offer various critical capabilities—from top-of-rack server aggregation to the processing of packets between core and edge switches—to simplify network management.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Huron Consulting

Huron’s ecrt solution manages effort reporting, cost sharing and certification for institutions. The model’s subscription-based pricing structure is ideal for institutions facing requirements associated with federal effort reporting regulations that have a small group of affected employees, few internal resources to dedicate to meeting this need or lower levels of research funding.

Reader Testimony: “Payroll is downloaded from a source system along with cost share. ecrt calculates the percentage of time spent on grants for each faculty member and automatically emails only those with a sponsored grant. It tracks who has not certified and reminds them. And all statements are stored in the system for easy retrieval. Huron is very responsive to their customer base, holds an ecrt seminar once a year, upgrades their system often and provides great service.” —Beverly Brockett, senior business systems analyst, University of Akron, Ohio Honorable Mention:

Click Portal, efacs

Commerce Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CashPro Accelerate

Company Bank of America

The CashPro Accelerate program can help business officers populate financial account information directly into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It can eliminate manual data entry and simplify tracking of multiple accounts to achieve greater accuracy. Users can select standard spreadsheet templates or create customized ad-hoc spreadsheets.

Commerce Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company ExamSoft

This software supports the entire academic testing process, including exam creation, administration, delivery, scoring and analysis. ExamSoft can create detailed analytics reports on exam questions, send custom messages to students and generate test results at the click of a button.

Reader Testimony: “This software has made a major impact on assessing the performance of our medical students when they take their block exams. It runs reports for us that save us so much time compared to when we did them by hand. Our paper budget has nearly disappeared since we do not have to make so many paper versions of exams.” —Brad Marcum, director of academic data services, University of Pikeville, Ky. Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Bomgar

Focusing on architecture, authentication, access controls and audits, Bomgar’s Remote Support Software gives centralized control over all remote IT support activity. Data is routed and stored centrally over standard ports, enabling auditing. Bomgar administrators can apply permissions and password policies on the group or individual level, ensuring only authorized users have access to the systems.

Internet, Enterprise Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Foliotek

This assessment solution can create online portfolios for students, faculty and academic programs. Schools can store any type of electronic file in portfolios that can be customized based on accreditation goals. Profiles created on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can also be linked to these portfolios.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Water Bottle Refilling Station

Company Elkay

The Elkay water bottle station has an electronic sensor that allows for a touchless, one-handed and rapid fill. It also eliminates the need for disposable water bottles, thereby reducing waste. An optional Elkay WaterSentry Plus 3000 gallon filter can also reduce the amount of particle, chlorine, odor and lead in the water.

Sustainability Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Films On Demand

Company Films Media Group

With a Films On Demand subscription, professors and students have access to 15,500 full-length videos and 250,000 video clips that are grouped into subject-specific categories. New features include continuous play and loop playlist options, captions, interactive transcripts for all titles and integration with the free EasyBib bibliography generator for up-to-date citation creation and export.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013