Readers' Choice Top Products

Campus Labs Baseline

Company Higher One

Campus Labs Baseline provides the technology, resources and expert consultation required to create an integrated, coordinated and comprehensive assessment approach across the campus. Accessible to all stakeholders, Baseline was designed to connect and translate assessment data for the purposes of improving the student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Reader Testimony: “Campus Labs’ products, including Baseline, have helped the 12 departments within the Division of Student Affairs at Illinois State University in writing our goals in a learning outcomes format, have brought us closer together in our planning and assessment activities, and have informed our decision-making regarding funding for our departmental and divisional priorities.” —Larry Dietz, vice-president for student affairs, Illinois State University Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company ReadMedia

Merit is an online marketing application that allows higher ed institutions to harness the power of students’ achievements—both in and out of the classroom—and herald those accomplishments via social media, local news, and on personalized Merit web pages. Merit is designed to help schools bring more attention to the value of their degrees.

Reader Testimony: “With a few simple steps, student achievements are shared with media, parents and friends, and social media. Merit makes it so easy to stay on top of the important yet time-consuming job of sharing achievements like dean’s lists, graduation, study abroad, theater productions and internships.” —Mary Dolheimer, assistant dean, office of communications, York College of Pennsylvania Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CX5000 Unified Conference Station

Company Polycom

The Polycom CX5000 Unified Conference Station delivers enterprise-grade video and audio collaboration capabilities that can be accessed through a USB port on a laptop. It provides an HD panoramic USB video experience for customers and doubles as a SIP audio conference phone. Its HD camera can automatically follow the conversation flow for clear sound.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

International Payments

Company peerTransfer

peerTransfer processes tuition payments online for international students attending hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities. Aiming to offer the best currency exchange rates and a simple online experience, peerTransfer also provides customer service in multiple languages 24/7 via Skype, phone, email or instant messenger.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company SurveyMonkey

Wufoo is a web application that helps users build online forms. When a form is designed with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend, and scripts needed to collect and understanding the data. Features include custom branding, prebuilt templates, automatic notifications and spam prevention.

Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Student Conduct Software

Company Maxient

Maxient helps institutions manage student incident reports online by sending automated letters and forms, tracking student demographics and sending student and staff email and text alerts. The software records all things relative to conduct, including judicial affairs, academic integrity, mediation and threat assessment.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

TG Financial Literacy Program

Company TG

This program provides materials that allow college financial aid offices to develop high-quality financial literacy training events with minimal effort. The program’s mini-modules present material in small chunks of content on a wide range of topics, including managing credit, saving and investing, building spending plans, understanding employee compensation and meeting college costs.

Reader Testimony: “Using the TG Financial Literacy Program with our students has made a huge difference in their understanding and approach to financial aid. It has allowed our students to give good advice to their parents and to have a better understanding of their family financial situation.” —Rhonda Gardinier, director, Upward Bound Program, Washington State University Financial Aid Financial Aid, Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Genetec

Omnicast is an IP video management system that provides higher ed campuses of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that matches their security needs. With support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders and CCTV equipment, Omnicast scales and adapts to the changing demands of an institution’s security department.

Software Video Conferencing, Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Athletic Recruiting Software

Company Front Rush

Coaches manage student athletes from the recruiting stage to the roster to graduation and beyond with Front Rush. Users can customize the software layout and track anything from academic accomplishments to students’ favorite movies. A database of high school coaches, club coaches, campus sports camp attendees, boosters and parents can also be created.

Software Athletics, Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CAMS Enterprise

Company Three Rivers Systems

For colleges and universities of all sizes, this academic, web-native ERP system manages the full student lifecycle, from first contact with a prospective student through graduation and alumni relations. CAMS Enterprise also includes hundreds of built in and customizable reports that can be generated instantly.

Reader Testimony: “CAMS Enterprise has simplified student communication and instructional interaction by integrating student information systems with course management. Student information is all in a central web-based resource with a separate interface dedicated to mobile clients, as well.” —Jason Cloninger, technology services director, Blackburn College, Ill. Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013