Readers' Choice Top Products


Company Echo360

Developed for educators by educators, Echo360 increases in-class participation through digital polling, lecture capture and deep usage analytics to help instructors gauge student progress enrolled in a course. Students can watch, collaborate and participate on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Hyland Corp.

This enterprise content management software integrates with an institution’s student information system, syncing documents and data. Institutions can capture, process, integrate, measure and store their content—as well as access from anywhere via mobile device—through OnBase. The solution is tailored for individual departments, including alumni relations, athletics, the bursar’s office and the registrar’s office, but can be used enterprise-wide.

Reader Testimony: “Hyland’s OnBase WorkFlow and WorkView solutions have greatly improved the business processes within several departments at Norwich University. The admissions department has seen change in the turnaround time of admissions decisions, from 10 business days to 48 hours. The ability to access OnBase from the road means that files and contact attempts by counselors can be maintained while personnel are out on university travel.” —Sherri Gilmore, director of admissions, Norwich University, Vt. Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Brightlink 485Wi

Company Epson

Instructors can make almost any wall or tabletop interactive with the BrightLink 485Wi projector. Users can annotate from any source—directly on projected images sent over the network or on content from DVD/Blu-ray players and document cameras—without the use of a computer. With dual pen support, two users can write simultaneously.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Strategic Planning Online

Company Strategic Planning Online

This cloud-based solution helps in preparing and submitting compliance reports for regional and professional accrediting bodies. The system integrates planning, budgeting, assessment and accountability measures to clarify the connection of these processes for internal users and validate them for external stakeholders.

Reader Testimony: “The Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) electronic planning system is having a synergistic and transformational impact on our college. With this tool, we now have the ability to systematically integrate our planning and budgeting processes to enable us to create a culture of continuous improvement.” —Mary Payne, director of planning and continuous improvement, Three Rivers College, Mo. Commerce Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

TecPodium TPI-12W

Company Tecom Electronics

This interactive lectern features HD resolution support, a PC with digital outputs, a wide-screen interactive pen display, a high-resolution document camera, and stereo sound. The TecPodium TPI-12W’s multitouch screen allows the presenter to access and interact with presentation materials using common touch gestures such as swipe, tap, slide, scroll and zoom.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Chegg

Zinch matches students with college and scholarship opportunities. Each student creates a profile that can be accessed by colleges and graduate schools. By chatting and interacting with prospective students directly, admissions officers can use Zinch as one of their recruiting tools. The program also is available to students through a Facebook application.

Admissions, Financial Aid Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

PowerFoil X2.0

Company Big Ass Fans

This large-room fan features a patented airfoil system, which eliminates turbulent airflow and removes wind noise. The patented NitroSeal drive is nitrogen filled and hermetically sealed to create the ideal internal environment, keeping contaminants out. The fan’s design allows for the integration of lights, security cameras, speakers, security mirrors and other items. A wall-mounted keypad enables multiple fans to be operated from a single control panel.

Campus Construction Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Blackboard

The ANGEL LMS is used by colleges and universities to create virtual environments for online learning and to offer blended classes. Instructors and designers can create a template-based lesson plan and then search and align, to standards, all required instructor or student content resources.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Borrower Connect

Company USA Funds

This web-based, borrower communication tool automates telephone, letter and email default prevention campaigns, using loan information uploaded from a school’s various loan servicers. Users can create campaigns targeted toward borrowers at all stages of repayment. On-demand reports can be generated and analyzed to capture loan details and delinquency statistics.

Reader Testimony: “With the aide of Borrower Connect, I am able to save a lot of time on email and letter campaigns, and give the effect of a much larger financial literacy team. This product definitely makes my work load more efficient and sufficient, allowing me to focus on other areas of prevention and financial literacy, such as face-to-face engagement with the students.” —Terry Campbell, default prevention manager, Bryan University, Mo. Tuition, Financial Aid Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Unified Meeting Experience

Company Zoom

Zoom offers a video conferencing experience that combines HD video conferencing, mobility, and web meetings in a free cloud service. The Unified Meeting Experience platform offers mobile-screen sharing and works across desktop, tablet, mobile and room systems. It is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and H.323/SIP room systems.

Internet Readers' Choice Top Products, Video Conferencing Year: 2013