Readers' Choice Top Products

SmartBelly Recycler Double Station

Company Big Belly Solar

SmartBelly, an intelligent waste and recycling collection system, lets customers use real-time data to drive operational decisions. From any computer or smartphone, a school’s maintenance department can see the entire portfolio of waste and recycling stations and determine if collection is needed and if waste was picked up in a timely manner. The enclosed design keeps animals out and odors in.

Sustainability Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Prezi, Inc.

This online zooming presentation software is used instead of traditional slides to help people explore ideas, collaborate more effectively, and create visually dynamic presentations. Users can choose from many reusable templates and can add pre-made content from other prezis or applications. Prezi can be used from desktops, internet browsers, iPads or iPhones.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

SummitStack Switches

Company Extreme Networks

This hardware solution allows multiple physical switches to be connected and managed as a single unit with a single IP address. Summit switches offer various critical capabilities—from top-of-rack server aggregation to the processing of packets between core and edge switches—to simplify network management.

Hardware Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Huron Consulting

Huron’s ecrt solution manages effort reporting, cost sharing and certification for institutions. The model’s subscription-based pricing structure is ideal for institutions facing requirements associated with federal effort reporting regulations that have a small group of affected employees, few internal resources to dedicate to meeting this need or lower levels of research funding.

Reader Testimony: “Payroll is downloaded from a source system along with cost share. ecrt calculates the percentage of time spent on grants for each faculty member and automatically emails only those with a sponsored grant. It tracks who has not certified and reminds them. And all statements are stored in the system for easy retrieval. Huron is very responsive to their customer base, holds an ecrt seminar once a year, upgrades their system often and provides great service.” —Beverly Brockett, senior business systems analyst, University of Akron, Ohio Honorable Mention:

Click Portal, efacs

Commerce Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

CashPro Accelerate

Company Bank of America

The CashPro Accelerate program can help business officers populate financial account information directly into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It can eliminate manual data entry and simplify tracking of multiple accounts to achieve greater accuracy. Users can select standard spreadsheet templates or create customized ad-hoc spreadsheets.

Commerce Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company ExamSoft

This software supports the entire academic testing process, including exam creation, administration, delivery, scoring and analysis. ExamSoft can create detailed analytics reports on exam questions, send custom messages to students and generate test results at the click of a button.

Reader Testimony: “This software has made a major impact on assessing the performance of our medical students when they take their block exams. It runs reports for us that save us so much time compared to when we did them by hand. Our paper budget has nearly disappeared since we do not have to make so many paper versions of exams.” —Brad Marcum, director of academic data services, University of Pikeville, Ky. Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Bomgar

Focusing on architecture, authentication, access controls and audits, Bomgar’s Remote Support Software gives centralized control over all remote IT support activity. Data is routed and stored centrally over standard ports, enabling auditing. Bomgar administrators can apply permissions and password policies on the group or individual level, ensuring only authorized users have access to the systems.

Internet, Enterprise Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Foliotek

This assessment solution can create online portfolios for students, faculty and academic programs. Schools can store any type of electronic file in portfolios that can be customized based on accreditation goals. Profiles created on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can also be linked to these portfolios.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Water Bottle Refilling Station

Company Elkay

The Elkay water bottle station has an electronic sensor that allows for a touchless, one-handed and rapid fill. It also eliminates the need for disposable water bottles, thereby reducing waste. An optional Elkay WaterSentry Plus 3000 gallon filter can also reduce the amount of particle, chlorine, odor and lead in the water.

Sustainability Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Films On Demand

Company Films Media Group

With a Films On Demand subscription, professors and students have access to 15,500 full-length videos and 250,000 video clips that are grouped into subject-specific categories. New features include continuous play and loop playlist options, captions, interactive transcripts for all titles and integration with the free EasyBib bibliography generator for up-to-date citation creation and export.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013