Readers' Choice Top Products


Company Halogen Software

Halogen’s eAppraisal software automates, simplifies and streamlines the entire employee performance evaluation process. It lets administrators create strategic initiatives across all talent management programs, including recruiting, onboarding, performance appraisals, competency assessments, succession planning and compensation management.

Human Resources Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Default Prevention Outreach

Company Inceptia

This program provides student borrowers with one-on-one counseling to help them resolve their delinquency and get back on track for repayment. Services are provided until all accounts are either resolved or the account is defaulted. Inceptia also helps schools determine which accounts to focus on, and only works accounts that will have an impact on open cohort years, unless requested otherwise.

Reader Testimony: “As a large public institution, we do not have the staff available to reach out to students who are delinquent on their federal loans. Inceptia is able to reach these students during the day, evening or weekend, and counsel them effectively about the deferment, repayment and forbearance options available. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of delinquencies of our students in repayment.” —Aileen Morrissey, director, financial aid services, Daytona State College, Fla. Honorable Mention:
Financial Avenue
Financial Aid Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Techsmith

This screen recording software helps users create professional videos. Camtasia can record on-screen activity, such as PowerPoint presentations or video lectures, and then be used to customize and edit the recordings. Users can also add interactive elements, like animations, and share videos with anyone, on nearly any device.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Instructure

This LMS platform includes analytics that provide statistics for students, academic courses, and schools. Canvas’ speed grader allows professors to quickly grade student work and provide personalized feedback. Users can receive course updates by email, text message and Facebook.

Classroom Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Salesforce CRM

Company Salesforce Foundation

This CRM solution includes campaign management, real-time analytics, web portals, team collaboration, mobile access and the ability to build custom applications without having to code. Schools can also sync together information from other SIS, LMS and back-end systems.

Reader Testimony: “Salesforce has enabled a culture shift at Wayne State that has broken down silos between departments, has streamlined our communications processes, and allowed us to document customer service inquiries and use data from those inquiries for continuous improvement. We have seen a significant reduction across our enrollment management division on inquiries due to student confusion or uncertainty, and we have seen a double-digit increase in responses to our customer service survey.” —Kathleen Lueckeman, senior director of CRM and graduate admissions director, Wayne State University, Mich. Enrollment Management Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Digital Revolutions

This software provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows administrators to collect and review student data. With C3M, administrators can gauge students’ development by tracking contacts with office staff, electronic counseling notes, library and lab usage, events attended and email communications.

Reader Testimony: “We are using the C3M Contact Manager to track our contact with students, alumni, employers and faculty. This product is easy to use and has been an excellent way to maintain records and share information not only within our office but with our administrators who want numbers. It makes everything a lot easier for our staff.” —Xuchitl Coso, director of career development, Florida Southern College Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Interactive Campus Maps

Company nuCloud

nuCloud software creates interactive campus maps online. Mobile friendly, it allows administrators to add “flag stops,” to which videos, pictures, descriptions and/or audio can be added. This provides users with more information about specific campus locations. User activity can be tracked through Google Analytics.

Marketing Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Transactional Email Delivery Service

Company SendGrid

Institutions can drive engagement with email subscribers through this cloud-based delivery platform. The SendGrid platform includes shared or dedicated IP addresses, email authentication, ISP feedback loop and outbound spam monitoring. Its analytics can track email requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, unsubscribes and category tracking.

Internet Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013


Company Technolutions

With this software solution, admissions offices no longer have to rely on multiple systems and vendors. Slate allows administrators to manage the whole admissions cycle, from outreach communications to event registration, from campus visits to online applications and decision making, through one system.

Software Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013

Enterprise DLP Suite

Company Identity Finder

This software discovers, classifies and consolidates sensitive data anywhere it is stored within an institution’s enterprise. Unstructured data in any file type can be searched for and stored locally or remotely on servers and desktops running Windows, Mac and Linux. Results can be aggregated across the entire enterprise into one central dashboard and reporting engine.

Reader Testimony: “Identity Finder’s DLP Suite has helped automate many of the components of Penn State’s Data Loss Prevention program. The software allows us to discover sensitive data that is unprotected, as well as empower our faculty and staff to take the correct steps in the securing and remediation of that data. We have also found it to be a great tool for e-discovery and data mining purposes.” —Mike Thompson, systems and network security analyst, The Pennsylvania State University Enterprise Readers' Choice Top Products Year: 2013