Pamela Mills-Senn

Pamela Mills-Senn is a Long Beach, Calif.-based freelance writer.  

Articles by Pamela Mills-Senn

University Business, June 2015

Proctors trained to spot signs that test-takers may be cheating work in centers such as this one, which has partnerships with more than 500 institutions worldwide.
Student cheating is on the rise—as is the use of technology to deter the activity and hold all students to the same standards

University Business, February 2015

While each campus is unique, an audit may reveal surprising  information about the many places credit cards are accepted as  payment. (Click to enlarge)
Driven by a desire to limit risk, banks put campus credit card data security under the microscope
Watch out for lack of awareness, rogue payment pages and lack of centralization

University Business, May 2014

Electronic records are helping to solve storage problems for Rebecca Turner of Central New Mexico Community College, where 4,000 boxes of personnel files and other records must be retained for up to 55 years.
Electronic document management systems make it easier to comply with digital content regulations, but complacency can threaten effectiveness
Thanks to the use of image capturing verification processes,  students and graduates of Shenandoah U in Virginia need not worry about the accuracy of their electronic transcripts.
Providers share thoughts on what higher ed isn’t paying enough attention to when it comes to electronic documents

University Business, December 2013

At the University of Alabama, athletics fans can check out the Bryant Museum, covering UA sports history. It’s just one of several revenue-generating spots on campus where payments are made.
Accurate accounting and reporting of payments made across campus are essential—but not always easy tasks
University of Alabama centralizes oversight in the student receivables office
Armstrong Atlantic State University set news policies

University Business, August 2013

Clery Center for Security On Campus launched the year-long learning program for 34 Pennsylvania institutions