Ann C. Logue

Articles by Ann C. Logue

University Business, September 2014

Credit Rating Rankings: Long-term ratings used for higher ed institutions. (Click to enlarge)
Answering three key questions about the ups and downs of institutional credit ratings

University Business, December 2012

What stakeholders really want to know

University Business, March 2012

Graduate student debt runs out of control.

University Business, Oct 2011

Students at Columbia College Chicago and elsewhere who choose academic programs
Talking about student debt—and default—across the campus

University Business, Mar 2011

Knowledge about operational due diligence and investment performance analysis, with a bit of skepticism as well, can help prevent getting tangled up in investment scandals.

University Business, Jul 2007

Higher ed leaders come to terms with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

University Business, Jul 2006

Real estate property yields real returns for endowments.

University Business, May 2006

How to avoid getting tangled with restricted gifts.

University Business, Feb 2006

Meeting the academic mission and the community's economic development needs at the same time is the goal for a growing number of higher ed leaders.

University Business, Jan 2006

Getting all the planning pieces together helps position institutions for a future that's fiscally fit.