Caryn Meyers Fliegler

Caryn Meyers Fliegler, a former editor at University Business, is a staffing manager at the nonprofit TNTP.

Articles by Caryn Meyers Fliegler

University Business, January 2015

A majority of higher ed leaders expect modest to significant increases in tuition revenue in 2015. (Click to enlarge chart)
Campus leaders preparing to meet the challenges of increased scrutiny around financial issues

University Business, October 2014

At Northern Arizona University, a convocation is held for international students. NAU's International Student and Scholar Services department offers a range of orientation programs.
With strategic and data-driven efforts in place, institutions are building increasingly successful efforts to bring internationals to campus.
From fraudulent transcripts to test results, cheating is a problem institutions interested in the international market must consider

University Business, November 2013

Since pesky parking to-do’s such as getting a permit or paying a ticket can be done online, there’s no need to find a spot near one of the parking offices at Northern Virginia Community College.
Leveraging information from intelligent parking systems to address campus priorities

University Business, September 2013

Perspectives of campus finance officials on their evolving roles and how they are managing today’s challenges and maximizing the opportunities

University Business, June 2013

Top IT leaders on the tech issues of the day—and how they’re keeping their campuses running and safe

University Business, April 2013

Realities and ambitions in recruitment and outreach

University Business, Apr 2009

Financial aid software bolsters student service during the economic downturn.

University Business, Jun 2008

Historic buildings offer lessons from the past and context for the future, but bringing them up to speed requires more than textbook construction strategies.

University Business, Jan 2008

Community colleges are strengthening connections with K-12, other higher ed institutions, and public agencies to enrich the education pipeline and bolster economies.