James Martin and James E. Samels

Future Shock Columnists

James Martin and James E. Samels, Future Shock columnists, are authors of The Sustainable University (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012). Martin is a professor of English at Mount Ida College (Mass.) and Samels is president and CEO of The Education Alliance.

Articles by James Martin and James E. Samels

University Business, May 2014

Across the nation, institutions offer distinctive programs and practices in the entertainment industry.

University Business, April 2014

For-profit Devry University is a good match for Olympians in training.
For UB readers who watched the Olympic bobsled races in Sochi, there was a higher ed news story unfolding before their very eyes

University Business, March 2014

University Business, February 2014

Many institutions need to reduce their reliance on the 18- to 22-year-old domestic student population

University Business, January 2014

Eco-friendly design practices are fast becoming the gold standard for best practice in design education

University Business, December 2013

Today’s women trailblazers leading business schools and universities bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions

University Business, November 2013

About four out of 10 Americans use complementary therapies, spending more than $34 billion dollars annually

University Business, October 2013

Some schools go above and beyond the call of duty to promote the educational success of military students

University Business, September 2013

Student broadcasters developing their own social media identity

University Business, August 2013

Energy industry leaders are recruiting from colleges and universities who prioritize R&D in the fields of water reclamation, desalination, and water recycling