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University Business, October 2014

Universities widely consider the revenue behind intellectual property to be a secondary concern. But even for the noble academic, there are dollars on the table.
It's not scholarly material, but it generates $4.6 billion for institutions every year

University Business, September 2014

Report: Flipped classrooms and other new models being integrated into instruction without much thought

University Business, July 2014

42 states increased higher education funding in the past year by an average of $449, or 7.2 percent, per student. Yet, per-student funding still remains below pre-recession levels in 48 states
Long-term effects may be seen in local economies
The average yield rate among four-year colleges and universities fell from 42.9 percent in 2009 to 36.9 percent in 2012

University Business, June 2014

RoomFinder was developed by Rohan Vakil, while he was a student at Bryant University.
RoomFinder taps into lighting system to figure out which rooms are vacant